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Giantbomb: JGRDVCBS! (Just Get Rid of Da Vicious Cali BullShit)

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I really liked its personality. it had a very kill bill/ quentin tarintino style. actually the story sounds piece for piece like kill bill. "girl who is skilled with sword gets double crossed and gets her revenge". but i am fine with that cause i would like a kill bill game. and even though the game play needs some sprucing i think its personality is what really stands out. this falls in the same category as "No More Heroes" for me since i am willing to let the lacking gameplay slide so i can see more of the cutscenes and characters

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xbox live is now listing pinacle station as new DLC for the original mass effect? i saw this and immediately gooFAWed at the random piece of content that poofed out of thin air. did any one hear anything about this before now? or is microsoft studios the best company at keeping secrets?

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@DarkArmada said:
" Guiltyspark said:
"PharoahCapcom said:
"Guiltyspark said:
This isn't funny at all......"

then you have no sense of humor "
... No I have to agree - that's not funny at all. Confused face "
I also agree. thats just cruel and gross. and that man is probably a homosexual
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i hope this has more action then the first one

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@JJWeatherman: it worked i was very curious of what you did when you saw his hair in con air (last part rhymed, unintentional) 
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Wu-tang clan has always got your back. buy their second album and some of their more recent stuff and your golden

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i can find my way around liberty city pretty easily except for around north of the right island

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there isn't more games cause no one wants to make games for the wii cause its different than what they usually make and nintendo can only put out so many games by themselves

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well i am also getting my braces off thursday so this would be a little extra treat for me