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is that urdnot wrex and ashley williams on the cover? i saved wrex, but i killed her..... they should leave killable characters off the cover.

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Just street raced someone on my way home. we were both going the speed limit though. and i didn't really know the guy. he might not have known we were racing............  still kicked his ass though.

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the reflection of chuck norris in a mirror

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.... no it doesn't! characters shouldn't be aware of emotional intensity, MAG and sniper guy weren't walking to the vault and stopped and said "oh wait i should leave to make this more intense, you go ahead mag" 

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you only really need the evasive roll when you fight groeder because it is the only way to dodge him when he turns all electric and charges towards you

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last night I dreamed that me and my asian friend went to the movies and bought tickets to see home improvement which was made into a movie in my dream. but after it was over we left the theatre and we both really wanted to see Terminator Salvation. so we tried to sneak back in by giving are stubs to the ticket guy and for some reason he let us in even though the movie on the ticket stub ended 30 minutes ago. Once we got in again, for some reason my korean friend turned into the guy from slumdog millionaire which at the time didn't seem weird but i kept getting angry because as we were walking to terminator salvation, other people from slumdog millionaire kept trying to get him to go see Slumdog millionaire instead of terminator. after me getting really dream mad, we finally got to terminator salvation that was in the imax theatre for some reason even though we were in a regular movie theatre and i only saw christian bale yell "WERE ALL DEAD" into a walkie talkie before i woke up 

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i just hate that they wrote it that way. this wasn't in my original post but it is dumb to make the big reveal that super joe was the villain in the mask because they only show that guy once in the whole game. and later after the sniper guy shoots the gun, Nathan just accepts the crap that is given to him from super joe.

Rad- "he was a really good sniper"
Joe- "it's just a relic of the past"
Rad- ...........

really?? he has no questions about that, like how super joe knew stuff about the sniper? this whole game seems to just make plot holes everywhere it can
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SpaceInsomniac said:
I forgot about this, but it seems the classic skin isn't the only thing you can unlock by owning Rearmed:http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/19526 [more]
i don't wanna judge to quickly but that interviewer was a dick
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okay so quick questions that i would like to be answered.

1) who is that random sniper guy who comes out of nowhere and talks to you after you fell off the helicopter?

2)where did the sniper guy and MAG go when you parted ways?

3) where was he when MAG ran in and got killed?

4) did they ever explain what the blue glowing pod thing is that you get at the archives and why they want it?

5) what were those random vulture things and what were there purpose?

6) what was Super Joe's main goal?

I need these questions answered because right now, this game makes no sense to me and i am starting to think that after they got done writing the concept that Emily was apart of the arm they just gave the keyboard to over caffeinated 13 year olds to write the rest

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all of the ____ movies are terrible, but having a dancing one is the worst thing they could possibly do. dancing movies are already a parody of themselves.... or at least that is what i assume since those are so terrible as well