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Uncharted 3 Review 0

There are certain games that I'm sure to buy every time a new installment comes out. I'll always pick up the new Gears of War or Call of Duty, Witcher or Assassin's Creed. Uncharted is on that list. I'll overlook whatever faults the games may have for a few reasons: I like the big, goofy adventure plotlines, the well drawn characters, and the big action set pieces. Uncharted 3 delivers these in spades. Whether you're in a cruise ship graveyard, battling to stay behind cover as that cover rolls b...

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Batman: Arkham City Review 0

Arkham Asylum was a spectacular game. It was focused, involved, character driven, and all around top notch from beginning to end. For a Batman fan, it was nirvana. The idea of a sequel to something like that is intimidating enough on its own. An open world sequel? Well... that's even worse. There were so many ways that this game could've gone wrong. The fact that it's gone so right shows that Rocksteady's comfortable at the helm and ready to make this franchise move.Like its predecessor, the gam...

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Rage Review 0

One of the oddest things about Rage's general reception is the general lack of perspective people have had. No, Rage isn't like Fallout. No, Rage isn't like Borderlands. Outside of its atmosphere, there's no reason to think that this would ever be the case. Rage is an Id game. And it's a good one.Rage tells the story of a guy waking up inside of a vault (okay, not doing any favors here) who's immediately saved and put to work by a variety of NPCs, all of whom have one motive: to survive. Along t...

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