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I don't know what it means. I just know its something scifi movies occasionally use to power their cities and make bombs with.

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I think this means anyone who speaks with any authority on what the specs actually are on something that's clearly not nailed down at all can be easily dismissed. Which is great, cus those bitches like writing walls of text based on that dumbass assumption. Now Im just like "oh he's full of shit, ignoring". Makes things easy.

Also note, they won't be showing WiiU until summer 2012, that's a window of Holiday 12 at the earliest. This isn't Sega Saturn where they show it at E3 and then go "and you can buy it tomorrow". You shouldn't misinterpret shit like that, OP. Nothing in the article says WiiU will come out summer 12.

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Irish mob isn't even a thing anymore in the US. Unless this is taking place 50 years ago.

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3 years of college.

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I'll play it there maybe. There could be interesting things with the screen.

But somehow you guys found something to complain about. You just are so determined to let people know how little you care about Wii U that you can't shut the fuck up about it. Pathetic. Nobody gives a shit about what you're not buying. You're a twitter feed with no followers.

The target market for the Wii U and GTA V is relevant to a discussion about the possibility of GTA V being released as a launch title on that system (exclusive or not). Did I say more than needed? Sure. Doesn't make my statements any less truthful.

I have no doubt you believe it. Doesn't make anything you said factual. Plenty of people said the GTA DS game failed only because of the handheld, then it proceeded to fail on PSP. Doomsayers have a history of getting it wrong about 9 times out of 10. If you shit on the prospect of everything Nintendo, the one time you turn out right you can be like "see I told you so". BS prediction is an industry. "Truth" has nothing to do with it though. You're just playing the law of averages. Take a dump on everything Nintendo does, you're bound to be right one day and that one time you're right is all other people doing the same shit as you will remember.

Something that's not out yet doesn't have an established audience, and the audience it brings in will be determined by what it provides. Wii U has the GTA audience because Wii U is putting GTA out on their console at launch. Get it? Not rocket science.

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Actually, it's slightly more powerful than those systems. It would be surprising because GTA isn't a franchise typically associated with a Nintendo launch. Plus, GTA has never happened on a non-handheld Nintendo system.

I think you might well be right that GTA V could be a Wii U title, and it'll be refreshing to see a GTA game on a Nintendo home console, but I very strongly suspect this comment about the power of the Wii U is a guess passed off as a fact. As far as I know there are no solid details about the full specifications of the Wii U and I was searching for that kind of thing a day or two back. Can you give us a source on these specs?


Previous insights from his ass: motion control will never catch on, PC gaming is dead, etc.

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He's worse than a million billion hitlers imo

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Because when you read two people talking about something you think "everyone is". "Everyone" is talking about "everything" in that 2 or more people give a damn about any given thing.

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I think its charming how they make no effort at all to lip synch.

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It was the best thing.