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That's one way to see it. Another is its as good as console limitations will allow. If you wanna play the best version, get a good PC. You can't magically make some old ass specs in a console do shit like what they show in the trailers. Common sense. Its like if someone bitched about the SNES not being capable of playing Virtua Fighter.

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They got Angry Videogame Nerd to dawn the suit I guess. He's doing a spoton Bale impression, looks like a complete jackass.

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At the risk of being a pedant. Is "drive" the correct term? I know battleshiups and carriers dont have sails any more but I would think you still "sail" them, Maybe "pilot" - especially when docking.

No you helm them. Pilots are separate from helmsmen and they dock ships like you said.

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I'm sure their history of high scores and getting early reviews have no connection. This game happens to be good but Lair wasn't and it got a good score. So yes, an early Play review means a good score every time. There's never been a time where that wasn't the case. Not rocket science. He picked the most critically acclaimed game of the year to make a stand on, as if every early review deal they make is identical to this game winning legit perfect scores. Its enough to sway the simple, I guess.

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When you do everything in your power to market something like Call of Duty people will treat it like Call of Duty.

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Speed Tree doesn't just make trees. I blew your mind just now.

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Always warm up the Smores and normally anything with chocolate in it.

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Pretty sure they're not doing a sequel to this, at least not with writer Paul Dini that is. He's looking at Superman, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, or other characters to make games on. Here's the story.

Well after his first uphill climb sends him tumbling down, he'll probably want to go back to the only DC property that consistently delivers.

Anyhow, covering the Red Hood story arc would give them an excuse to travel around a bit and that's the only thing I'm interested in. Maybe add a wrinkle and have Red Hood kill Joker since Hammill's so tired of it. Then Red Hood keeps wreaking havoc. I'd love for them to do something crazy like that and fuck with expectations.

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I like Pokemon.

Also, you've had 7 fucking years to play this version of WoW. This update isn't for you. You should play something else. If you're paying a monthly fee so everything can stay the exact same you have some weird issues you need to work out.

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Its impossible for a series that's basically a parade of sharkjumping to jump the shark. Warcraft just loses a sliver of cache with every silly thing they do, but it was kind of a joke from the beginning so there's not much to ruin. I like the idea of people existing who take their Panda Brewmaster completely seriously. Write fanfiction, etc. Its like they're telling other MMO makers "we can put literal shit in a box and still outsell your new ideas". And then they flip the double-bird.