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@fritzdude: yea... Honestly wish they made this id tech engine way better, just feels so archaic. The idea of the mega texture thing was nice, as an artist I can appreciate the concept of being able to paint directly on the model, but all the texture problems and incompatibilities are insane.

I'm just hoping at this point that Doom doesn't get the downside of this engine.

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@fritzdude: you might be right there, I also just want to throw it out there, while the patch notes on these drivers were supposed to get SLI profiles, I was unable to get SLI to even work, played through the whole campaign on one gpu on my GTX 590, decent performance, just make sure to turn off screen space reflections and turn on the texture compression setting (both these settings for whatever reason made performance go to a crawl (1fps or even lower) and ended up crashing the game along with the drivers seconds later).

Other than that, good game, still suffers some things like what RAGE did, but atleast this game is a good run through.

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For whatever reason, they didnt list this on the official page, and its been up since the 15th. Found out about it this morning on geforce forums.

Download the Nvidia GeForce 337.81 Beta driver as released by NVIDIA.

Nvidia released a new GeForce driver. The driver fixes an issue faced with Dell's compact 4K Ultra HD monitors, specifically P3214Q and UP2414Q, in which the GeForce GPU would give out "half" or no display (Ultra HD resolution is handled over multiple TMDS links).


  • Watch dogs SLI profile
  • Wolfenstein SLI profile
  • 3840x2160 resolution with SLI now on the U28D590D and selected UHDA monitors
  • SLI and multi-GPU configurations support single tile monitors
  • Contains fix for this the monitor display blank screen issue that started with R325 drivers


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" Multiple sources inform me Microsoft will announce...."

oh god the vague rumor scoops strike again. Can we please get credible sources before we post Patrick?

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Yea not exactly sure about the purpose of cloud gaming when you have to be tethered to WiFi. would be awesome if 4g wasn't so limited. I guess this could be cool when i travel around, but I have to leave my PC on in order to cloud game right? only time I'm far from home, is for more then a week at a time. What happens if my PC restarts itself or what not. I think its a fine idea, but the limitations of networking and all that hinders this device.

But I guess I cant really say too much with out having hands on first...

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@avidwriter: pic is big boss, so its before metal gear one. will probably lead into zanzabar.

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Also playing this game atm and will play for a while, (Okazaki Masamune) you can find me on the masamune server.

if you still lookin for more folks to play with feel free to join us on masamune when/if they add server traversal during the beta

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honestly just wait for it to come out on psn (SEN i think its called now) . with the release of the vita the digital release of the game is inevitable. not to mention its a much smoother experience playing psp games on the vita because of the updated hardware. I have my vita for 5 days already and its pretty schweet with psp games, not to mention you can add bilinear filtering for the extra eye candies. oh and another neat thing is you can map the analogue stick on the right since psp games dont really use it :)

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Hey there guys just reaching out a little to the giant bomb community looking for a couple of potential viewers to help people with whatever questions they have about the game or whoever just wants to chat with the rest of us .

Just a little more info on the stream just for those curious. Critical Chocolate is my stream (and steam) name, I stream as a means to reach out to other gamers but also for people curious for art, I commentate for almost all my streams so I'm able to communicate with as many of my viewers as possible! Normally I like to play a variety of action games, alot of new titles and I'm always open for requests (going to be streaming the ps VITA content as well SSX this month hopefully).

At 3am EST (12am PST) I will be covering the launch of Studio 38s first release, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning(PC Origin copy). A fantasy style game brought to life by the great RA Salvatore, Todd Mcfarlane and Ken Rolston. I will be streaming for as long as possible and any and all are welcome to drop by!

You can find my stream here @ http://www.twitch.tv/criticalchocolate

16 hours have already been played(had to stop streaming last night because of twitch tvs stream before release rules) already and you can find those videos on my videos page on twitch TV I will be continuing from my current save unless. Now for the second half of this post....

As you may or may not know, there is an indie Mech game coming out soon called HAWKEN. This game was shown off at a couple of last years events and I half to say its looking pretty hot, but if you can't remember what it looks like or if you straight out dont know what it is I dug up one of the trailers from youtube

They have recently started recruiting for their beta phase and I've come to inform those who are not aware of it.

Here is my referral link. https://www.playhawken.com/?ref=gzhn1h7x Keep this in mind if you like though, this is my personal referral link which you will also receive one after you register for the beta. Once 3 people register with YOUR OWN personal link they will allow you to reserve your own callsign (in game name) so feel free to register with any friends ref link instead of mine or whatever you feel good with.

Any who guys thanks for the read, and hope to see some of you guys and gals tonight on the stream, and if not see y'all whenever the HAWKEN beta begins :D peace out~!

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@jetsetwillie said:

Could some one explain to me why people are upset about this not coming to steam. i don't get the tears. why is it a big deal

Dunno what the deal is, I've been using ORIGIN since the bf3 alpha and its shaping up to be quite nice really, I really like the ingame UI in comparison to steam and ORIGIN lets me fucking choose where I want to install my god damned games! (im lookin at chu steam)

On top of this i found something out, If you have a game on steam that is ea you can possibly activate it on your origin to and you wont need to re-download it, It will run the already installed copy that's in your steam folder ( I have recently been doing this with my digital copys of both Crysis 2 and Shift 2) .

The only thing right now about origin that doesn't compare but could work out in future is the current deals, and of course its current selection since its pretty much an EA only platform.

I don't mind having more then one program because I don't find it bothersome at all to log in else where to get my fix as long as what I'm using is not broken I'm totally cool with it.

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