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Okay, this is weird. I got my mind on this certain game, and from what i remember it's not good, really, at all. But i just want to know what it is so i can stop thinking about it. Here's what i remember.

It's either PC or PSX, so mid-late 90s i'm thinking

it's 3rd-person, sort of beat 'em up style, with a sort of arena fighting (?)

it's glitchy as hell

as those obnoxious Resident Evil controls

a lot of it takes place underground

You're either a cop, or a prisoner

i remember a lot of the scenery being rusty metal grating

the imagery reminds me a lot (visually, colour-wise) of games like Omikron, or MDK

and the gameplay is like Perfect Weapon (hey remember that game?)

This is killing me. Help put me out of my misery please!