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This looks good, it's early in dev and people are already freaking out? when did game players become such drama queens? dwl

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That spine rip is legendary!
no leg beat from quan chi mk4?

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suda 51 has style and this game kicks ass

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Pity this game did not get the publicity it deserved.......it could have been HUGE!

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@Ahmad_Metallic:  Likes southpark
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@armaan8014:  I can def relate to the "parent hate" my mom freaks out every time she hears about me being a writer lol
Here's the thing you want to do something that makes you happy and gives fulfillment yeah BUT you also need something that can keep you independent and make you money. Go for the architecture it will compliment the art skills you already have + you can support yourself with the money you make move out etc THEN you can always afford to send yourself back to do that  BFA degree.

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Hey Giant bomb I'm Ryonslaught from Comicvine/Ign/Gamespot/Wikipedia (yeah I've been around lol)
I enjoy reading comicbooks and playing games (obviously) but still have yet to purchase a next gen console
The last gen was kinda my last, though I'll prolly get a wii sometime this year.
what else? Ive worked on 1 independent comic thus far and have a few other writing projects in the works
I'm a pretty easy to talk to guy who enjoys alcohol and the occasional party too :)

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about twice per day