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@wakkaflakkachimmichonga: At least SEED Destiny is an interesting train wreck. It does things so uniquely wrong. Wing is bad in a boring way. I prefer to be entertained.

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@babychoochoo: How does it compare to Wing? This is my standard for all things Gundam.

It is better than Wing because Wing is the worst Gundam.

Unicorn is alright. The story is mostly forgettable until the end but boy does it have some of the best mech designs and fight scenes in the series.

Also when I finally get around finishing 8th MS Team I will have seen all the Gundam expect a lengthy post about them mostly telling you why Wing the worst.

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For western animation Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra can not be recommended enough. They are phenomenal.

I would also recommend Young Justice from a couple of years ago. It basically a more mature and serious Teen Titans and its really good.

Also the Adventure Time resurgence in western animation has been pumping out some interesting things. I would highly recommend Adventure Time if you haven't seen it yet.

From that boom I hesitantly recommend Gravity Falls which is kind of a Lovecraftian Mystery. The reason I hesitate to recommend it is because the show has had the most ridiculously inconsistent release schedule I have ever seen. It seems like Disney is trying to actively kill it.

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Its cool that some of this new VR tech will finally be hitting the consumer market in some fashion this soon. But it also is really weird that the full consumer version of their tech will be out before the Oculus. I feel like this is really the final straw of thinking of Oculus as a Kickstarter thing.

It's like you kickstarted a scifi fps for PC. However before release you teamed up with Activision and release a 'completely' different scifi fps using the same engine.

It make sense given how Oculus has grown but it seems weird to complete another project before finishing the one you first promised.

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Whatever happened to the term G.I.R.L.? That seems like it would have been the appropriate translation. After all it is also an internet term to describe the same phenomenon without the baggage. Unless someone took offense to it when I wasn't looking. But I guess I haven't seen it in a long time; so I guess it has fallen out of style. So I can understand why they went with what they did.

But yeah this is the least expected non-issue to come from this game. Really?! THIS is what your going to pick out in the forced stripping game with a half naked anime girl on the cover! You could make like 3 click bait non issue essays from that sentence alone.

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Everyone here is giving you the wrong suggestion for what to watch if you enjoyed Kill la Kill that much and for the reasons you stated. What you are looking for is FLCL pronounced Fooly Cooly. The director of Kill la Kill was the animation director on that show and it clearly where he was pulling his inspiration from for Kill la Kill.

In short terms, FLCL is to male adolescence as Kill la Kill is to female adolescence. Instead of clothes, 'nakedness', blood, and wedding imagery it is rock n' roll, robots, fleshy protrusions, and 'Fooly Cooly'.

Also it is only six episodes along so its not much of a commitment. It also has one of the greatest dubs ever made if you want to go that route. But yeah most people that don't like Kill La Kill where expecting more Gurren Lagann. Where I was one of those people watch Gurren Lagann expecting more FLCL. So I was delighted when I watched Kill la Kill.

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@corruptedevil said:

There are 2 tabs on the sides of the cartridge slot that you have to rip off (pliers work)

Circled for your convenience

Those are not the tabs you need to remove. The tabs are actually inside the cartage slot. They are at the bottom of the slot towards the back of the console. You will notice that on the back of a US SNES cart there are two indents on the bottom of the cart. These align to the tabs in the cartage slot which allows you to push the cart all the way in. Faamicom cart doesn't have the indent so they don't fit into the slot unless the tabs are removed.

EDIT: Here's a picture of one of the tabs.

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The thing about Deadly Premonition combat is that it is just RE4 combat. Which is why I still cannot understand anyone who loves RE4. Sure the combat is worse than RE4 but in my mind its not that much worse. The enemies being dumb as rocks really helps to make that type of combat bearable.

Which is why I have beaten Deadly Premonition but I only made it shortly past the village in RE4. Every time I play that section I always ask myself "Do I really want to play a game with that combat system asking me to deal with a horde of enemies?" NO. "One or two stupid bullet sponges at a time?" Maybe. "One shot pretty much all the enemies with the Legendary Guitar Grecotch?" Yes.

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Yeah Titan Ex is always good for some frustration. My white whale of the Extreme Primals was Garuda Ex. It was at time when most of the guild was barely ilvl 90 and we had yet to find a strategy for melee. That quest log was haunting me for weeks. We just could not do it. I kept suggesting maybe we should try the new fangled triangle method fresh from Japan. Eventually we did and we won. It was glorious which is why I will always suggest triangle in Garuda even though it is no longer needed.

Pro Monk Titan EX Tip: Mash the Charge key if you are hit by landslide. You can charge back on to the platform that way. I do it all the time. It is super fun. I may or may not have purposefully eaten some landslides.