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This technology is literally the opposite of what a hologram is. The idea behind a hologram has always been projection on or into the world i.e. the object is viewable by anyone in the room. Goggles or Classes that project onto your eye are the exact opposite. This is AR. I guess they are trying to avoid association to Google Glass.

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Well you are kind of asking for the impossible looking for a jrpg that does not become easy after you master its systems. If a rpg is still hard, outside of bosses and optional content, even with the best strategies, equipment, and top levels then it is usually considered a horribly balanced game. That means without all that stuff the game would be impossible. So most rpgs outside of earliest have veered away from the Phantasy Star 2 design. Which is generally known for not being well balanced.

So for suggestions for that type of jrpg they would have to be from about the same era as Phantasy Star 2. The earlier FF are known for being pretty hard. FFIII and FFV are especially known for being hard. FFII can also be incredibly hard or easy depending on how you navigate and exploit its broken system but that's not a good game in any way shape or form.

Vagrant Story from what I hear might fit what you a looking for. It is an RPG without leveling instead you collect equipment pieces to create your own equipment. I hear to truly play it well you have to craft specific gear for pretty much every encounter. So that should keep the game interesting throughout.

For more current stuff only the more actiony variety of jrpgs come to mind. The Kingdom Hearts games can be pretty hard on the hardest difficulties. They will at least keep you on your toes.The Tales game and Star Ocean are similar from my understanding but I don't have much experience with those.

The World Ends With You also comes to mind. Controlling both screens never becomes trivial. The game has multiple difficultly levels plus it gives you plenty of options to further teak the difficulty. You can manually set your level anywhere below your current level for extra difficulty and better drop rates. You can also choose chain battles into a gauntlet without rest for even better drops.

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From what I've heard Sub-persona level matters a lot in the calculations. There is a penalty for using personas lower than your character. I believe it starts at a 5 level difference with a 10% reduction in all of your damage and healing numbers. I know at maximum it hits a 50% penalty but I don't know when you hit that threshold. Its a good idea to keep your personas up to date even if that means losing skills. In this game raw numbers mean a lot more than skills unlike regular persona games.

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It's my understanding that the pokemon team has not really grown all that much over the years. Nintendo's first parties seem to take a lean approach. So the issue here is there is a fixed of amount of man hours they can put into each game. So with that limited man power they usually choose to create new features instead of recreating old features. The reason most of those side features are created is to help the new games feel newer than just some roster update and balancing. So it makes sense they are all are usually one off.

You would think the remakes would be immune to the loss of features because they are easier to make. The reason they exist in the first place is so that nintendo can still get a good quarter and the pokemon team can spend the saved resources on making the next sequel. So they toss the features to spend more tie on the next game. It also avoids the problem of having the feature appear in multiple consecutive titles which would raise the players expectation of that feature. Then they would have to permanently commit resources to that every title.

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@bbalpert: Don't worry Eva is still great.I know I have watched it again not that long ago and the Rebuilds even sooner. The thing with Eva, though, is that you can like Eva for many reasons but not all those reasons hold up even during the show itself.

Eva fandom has a pyramidal shape because of that. There are those who like the show until the ending. Those who also like the ending but hate End of Eva with passion and don't even mention Rebuild. Then those who like End of Eva but still no to Rebuild. Then there are the lone few people like myself who like everything.

Eva is still about the only show that can appeal to such a splintered base because there is just so much there to like about. Now if the show would still hold up to you really depends on why you liked it in the first place. Those reason but not hold up on further viewing.

Some shows like that Attack on Titan example have done some aspects of Eva better. That was not really the best example because I would argue End of Eva as being at least as messed up if not way more than anything Attack on Titan has.

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There was that one time when I loaded up FFX and the opening with "To Zanarkand" playing caught me in a rare moment of weakness and I teared up a bit. The hospital scene in P4 and the ending of the first season of The Walking dead would have probably got me hard if I was having one of those moments.

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I am on team JRPG as an origin rather than a style.

To use another example Avatar: The Last Air Bender is not anime. Sure it is animated in the same Korean animation houses as pretty much every anime and every cartoon. Sure it borrows a lot of the same trappings associated with anime such as art style, serial narrative, and wide age appeal. But ultimately it is created by Americans from an American culture for other Americans which makes it an entirely different beast from anime. People have strong opinions on anime which are usually negative for valid reasons. It's the fan service, the spikey hair, whiny teenagers, etc. Take the best anime from a Western point of view and you will still find some of these cultural elements that just don't agree us. Avatar has none of that because it is western show and made for western sensibilities.

In rpgs, you can see Dark Souls as the reverse of this. It draws it's story and design aesthetic through lost in translation western fantasy. It also take the western style create a character from wrpgs but that's about it. Gameplay wise it is seemingly much more inspired by something like Kingdom Hearts or Devil May Cry in that it is heavily focused on movement and dodging then just on pure numbers. The Witcher is really the only wrpg with a close comparison but I highly doubt that was an influence. When you play Dark Souls you can just tell it is still distinctly Japanese and that it could just turn off some westerners, that would enjoy Skyrim, Dragon Age, or ME, on that alone. That's all owning to the fact it is a JRPG or an rpg made in Japan by Japanese people for Japanese people.

Sure continued cross culture exchange makes the lines a little bit blurry but ultimately there will always be fundamental difference in creative works created in different cultures or even just languages. I argue that those difference are really what the terms jrpg and wrpg have always been about.

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Is this strictly video content? Because otherwise the correct answer is the Bombcast. That easily the best and most content the site has put out. It is the only thing that can handily beat the P4ER.

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@wakkaflakkachimmichonga: At least SEED Destiny is an interesting train wreck. It does things so uniquely wrong. Wing is bad in a boring way. I prefer to be entertained.

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@babychoochoo: How does it compare to Wing? This is my standard for all things Gundam.

It is better than Wing because Wing is the worst Gundam.

Unicorn is alright. The story is mostly forgettable until the end but boy does it have some of the best mech designs and fight scenes in the series.

Also when I finally get around finishing 8th MS Team I will have seen all the Gundam expect a lengthy post about them mostly telling you why Wing the worst.