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I'm going come out of left field on this one. People have already recommended Gundam. But I am recommending G Gundam.

The premise is all countries have moved their rich population into spacy colonies. In order to decide the space election, they send giant mechs down to the earth to fight a proxy war with no regard to the collateral damage incurred by the poor on earth.

Every character is a ridiculous stereotype of their country ala street fighter with mechs.

It is packed to the brim with cool guys doing cool guy stuff. One character is basically Apollo Creed and an other is basically Drago. And there is a character named goddamn Master Asia.

If you line up the plot of G Gundam with the plot of the Metal Gear series the main plot points almost match identically. Tone wise and crazy wise they are also pretty similar.

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The Souls series is technically a JRPG series. They have all been some of the greatest game ever made. So that is the true answer to this. As far as the list is concerned the most consistent would be either Dragon Quest or Pokemon as they both are the longest running series that are slight iterations on the previous entries. For containing the most greatest games in the genre it would probably be FF or SMT.

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My opinion on Gear Box has always been pretty bad. I just built my first gaming pc around when the first Borderlands came out. In multiple interviews Pitchford talked about how PC was a lead platform and it was going to be the best version of the game. What it turned out to be was one of the worst console ports I have seen and the multiplayer was run through Game Spy. If it wasn't for Fallout 3 my idea of pc gaming would have been completely soured for a while.

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@giantrobot24: The Evangelion movies are not a remake but instead a reboot that is likely as sequel to the original. Most of your questions about Kawarou, grey hair kid, and Rei are answered in the original.

The movies kind of expect you to have knowledge of the original. Mari, pink girl, pretty much acts as a surrogate for fans of the older series. She constantly references knowledge of EVAs, Seele, Nerv, and Angels that after watching the original series you would know.

Kawarou is especially hard for a newcomer to understand because he pretty much plucked from the original and resumes exactly where he left off. He references things that heavily imply he remembers the events of original and is the number one clue that the movies are a remake.

On the Misato front. (Spoilers for the third movie)

You have to understand the magnitude of the Third Impact. The Second impact was an event that killed off half of the population of all things and extincted pretty much everything in the oceans. The Third Impact was close to the same magnitude. Misato's fleet and NERV are very likely the last remnants of humanity left. Pretty much everyone blames Shinji for this and he is seen as the greatest monster in history.

While Misato might not blame him that must treat him like he was because everyone else sure does. Misato was also his defacto guardian before the event and probably blames herself for leading him wrong. So instead of being open and understanding as before she is choosing to cold and detached to him.

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Xenosaga is the clear answer to me. I own all three games. I have never made it past the first. I want to like you Xenosaga but you just won't let me. First of all if any game deserves the I might as well be be watching a movie criticism its Xenosaga. There is a 20-30 min cutscene for every 15 mins of gameplay.

On the boredom front, all of the combat animations are super long and might as well be FF7 summon animation. My last attempt to get through the game was on an emulator even at like 5x speed the battle last longer than your average jrpg battle. On top of that the game also encourages you to make battles longer by giving you a multiplier of experience points for killing enemies only on certain turns making the fights even longer.

For tedium, remember those experience points well in this game you earn three separate experience currencies which each have at least separate two functions with many options on what to use them on. The game is extremely poor at explaining itself or giving you any indication on what would be the most effective use of your points. You can spend them wrong and make the game impossibly hard. The points trickle in even with up to a 10x multiplier that no amount a grinding will help you course correct.

Xenosaga I is the very definition of tedium and boredom.

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Dead Money is much harder than anything in the base game and it strips you of all your items in it. Its more of a hard survival challenge. I would save it towards the end but you can try it earlier if you want a challenge.

Honest Hearts just feels like an expansion of the base game areas in terms of difficulty. To access it you need to be in the New Vegas area and you will probably be able to do it by the time you reach that area.

Old World Blues is also harder than anything in the base game but not as much of a challenge as Dead Money since you get to take your stuff. The problem is much of your stuff will be pretty useless on the enemies in Old World Blues at least it seemed that way to me. The weapons you find Old World Blues are the most effective. So you better invest a bit in energy weapons and possibly unarmed or melee before going in.

Lonesome Road is meant to be done as close to the end of the game as possible. Complete all the other DLC and be on the last mission in the endgame before you start it.

Honest Hearts does not have an official recommended level. Dead Money is recommended for 20+, Old World Blues 15+, and Lonesome Roads 25+. My assessments up there were based on my experiences entering the DLC as the came out starting at original level cap of 30. The DLC raise the cap to 50. I would recommend only starting DM, OWB, and LR after hitting 30.

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I have a simple definition for an RPG which I feel works most things and most people can agree on. That definition is Zelda is NOT a RPG. Zelda is the line. If your game is more RPG than Zelda than Zelda then it is an RPG. If is equal or less than Zelda in RPG elements then it is not an RPG.

Character progression does not make your game an RPG as nearly every game has some sort of character progression. Character progression in Zelda for instance is fixed. You can pick a point at any point of the game and know for instance what exactly items any player has and how many hearts they could possibly have. Your progression is locked to your progress in the game.

If you can be anywhere with your character progression at anytime then you are a RPG. Or in the case of games with fixed and limited experience if a player at any given time could have varied and different builds at the same point then you are a RPG.

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1. Digimon World

2. Persona 3 Fes

3. Persona 4

4. Fallout 3

5. The World Ends With You

6. Final Fantasy X

7. Breath of Fire III

8. Kingdom Hearts

9. Vampire: The Masquerade

10. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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This technology is literally the opposite of what a hologram is. The idea behind a hologram has always been projection on or into the world i.e. the object is viewable by anyone in the room. Goggles or Classes that project onto your eye are the exact opposite. This is AR. I guess they are trying to avoid association to Google Glass.

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Well you are kind of asking for the impossible looking for a jrpg that does not become easy after you master its systems. If a rpg is still hard, outside of bosses and optional content, even with the best strategies, equipment, and top levels then it is usually considered a horribly balanced game. That means without all that stuff the game would be impossible. So most rpgs outside of earliest have veered away from the Phantasy Star 2 design. Which is generally known for not being well balanced.

So for suggestions for that type of jrpg they would have to be from about the same era as Phantasy Star 2. The earlier FF are known for being pretty hard. FFIII and FFV are especially known for being hard. FFII can also be incredibly hard or easy depending on how you navigate and exploit its broken system but that's not a good game in any way shape or form.

Vagrant Story from what I hear might fit what you a looking for. It is an RPG without leveling instead you collect equipment pieces to create your own equipment. I hear to truly play it well you have to craft specific gear for pretty much every encounter. So that should keep the game interesting throughout.

For more current stuff only the more actiony variety of jrpgs come to mind. The Kingdom Hearts games can be pretty hard on the hardest difficulties. They will at least keep you on your toes.The Tales game and Star Ocean are similar from my understanding but I don't have much experience with those.

The World Ends With You also comes to mind. Controlling both screens never becomes trivial. The game has multiple difficultly levels plus it gives you plenty of options to further teak the difficulty. You can manually set your level anywhere below your current level for extra difficulty and better drop rates. You can also choose chain battles into a gauntlet without rest for even better drops.