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The SEGA megadrive was marketed in the USA  as the genesis because they couldnt get the rights to the megadrive name in America.
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Favourite part of the show,so thank you.
I laugh loudly when this equals the number of bombcast downloads :)  
And i dont even own a Nintendo platform,unless you include the original gameboy!
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Buy it already its apsolutely fantastic :)
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The year of the ps3 will be when Duke nukem forever 2 is released
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I see they didnt compare it to something comparable in effect like alcohol. 
You know why? Because no one has ever been prooven to die from the effects of smoking cannabis. 
Cannabis is far worse than tobacco as it contains many more times the amount or tar,you know the stuff that clogs your heart and archeries. 
But alcohol now that drug has alot to answer for,its scientificly prooven that alcohol can kill you. 
The craziest thing is whilst cannabis remains illegal people are forced to smoke whatever there dealers provide,and i can guarantee that the majority of that stuff is more harmfull to your health due to the amount of chemicals,glass or whatever else adds weight. 
Simple fact legal cannabis is safer cannabis.
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Go play a video game,and calm the fuck down why bring hate into the forums?

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If it doesnt walk around a field or grow out of the ground then its just plain bad for you!  
Is this secret talk about viagra?
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Brilliant and well done to the providers of christmas cock and ass. lol
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I hope it comes with a cleaning cloth :) 
Anyone up for some multiplayer?
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Gamesmaster and Bad influence.