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my fam has netflix but i dont really use it.... yet.  So how does one get this disk thingy?

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@HypoXenophobia said:
" I find that when I have a very realistic dream, especially as I've grown older, that when certain aspects I realize to be false, infuriate me to no end. I had a dream, I had found a debit card I had lost. When I woke up to find it was still lost, I wanted to punch something hard. "
OMG that happnes to me all the time!  I just want to go crazy when i have a dream about finding something i have been looking for!
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specifics about school?

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I'm not talking about FML crap, but what are some pretty common things that can make you really upset and ruin a day or a week.  Example being like your car broke down.

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would it be worth it to buy the dlc?  Or do many people not have it?

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omg if u want to see game rage i gotta get some pictures of my friend's basement.  There are marks and dents all over the walls from him throwing his drum sticks after getting mad at rock band. 

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@TurboMan said:
" I'm not bashing someone because their lives are so shitty that they can't afford a small HDTV, just saying that your missing out on a lot if our still playing PS3/360 games on a standard TV. "

Republican ^^^

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how long is infamous?  and does it give you that great of an opportunity to just do whatever u feel like? 

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What would u say are some of the best sandbox/free roamers for the PS3?  Summer has begun and i need a game that will keep me interested in a single player for a while.  Currently i am looking at maybe getting Oblivion.