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I'd appreciate an invite as well, please!

Character name: Somah

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ITT: I can't understand something... It must not be true.

iTunes allows application sharing, and people share shit like HBO Go and Netflix all the time. The deterrent against massive sharing cartels is that the original account owner's credit card is often exposed, which leads to a financial risk. No one is going to give some asshole on GameFaqs a blank check, just so that they can save a few bucks and go halfsies on Halo 5.

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For the melodramatists, behold the 360 post launch release dates and countries:

It'd be nice to visit a fucking forum without reading about how hard the sky is falling.

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@andorski said:

I think people in this forum are forgetting this point...

These kids outnumber us.

I've been feeling the same way lately. I'm not sure that I can relate to a lot of this shit anymore. I'm confused by "journalists" erupting into corporate chanting at press events, or how Kingdom Hearts is some huge banger. I think the idea of leaving physical media behind is rad, and I haven't sold/purchased a used game since graduating from college.

It's always kids outnumbering you.

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@koolaid: lol at Sony progressing the state of video gaming via releases like Kingdom Hearts. CoD carries this industry, regardless of your smug, us-vs-them attitude. If it wasn't for the mainstream acceptance of gaming we'd all be at home pretending to enjoy that copy of Kid Nikki: Radical Ninja, that your mom picked up because the Toys-R-Us dude suggested it over Zelda 2.

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@enigma777: This, really. I don't give a fuck about used games, and I care even less about JRPGs. Sony could wrap up the next 25 Final Fantasy titles as exclusives, and all the redditors of the world could simultaneously erupt into a weeaboo-SHOTSFIRED-orgasm, but the games that I want to play were at Microsoft today.

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In other news:

MK9 netcode still makes game nearly unplayable online.

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anime pronounced:

AH NAH may

manga pronounced:

MON guh

I don't give a goddamn about the actual correctness of accent either-- Anyone self-important enough to throw out a Ninja GUY-DAN in the middle of a casual English conversation can take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

come at me.

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@Curufinwe said:

Patrick adds a lot to the site, but it's a pity that Giant Bomb added a 5th main person and they still don't have anyone with the skills or the interest in the genre to really go in depth on games like this or Bayonetta. All we can ever hope to get is the once over lightly treatment, whereas Brad can actually go in depth on Starcraft 2, and Jeff can go in depth on fighting games. It's a shame.

In depth tactical analysis of recent gen Ninja Gaiden series:


In depth tactical analysis of Bayonetta:

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I'm clearly qualified. Sign me up thx!

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@craigbo180 said:

Third Strike Online is probably the game that has me most excited from E3. I'm not even a third strike fan.

looks get imo as well!