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So many games.... Imagine if Sony or Microsoft have exclusive rights to a reboot/remake (Final Fantasy Reboot Exclusive on PS4). I bet we will see a few of those this E3.

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Here is my list of games (made a list around 10 months ago) that I would love to see rebooted/remade or developed in no particular order:

1. Syphon Filter

2. Final Fantasy 7

3. Resident Evil 2

4. Dino Crisis

5. Silent Hill

6. Unreal Tournament

7. Driver

8. WarCraft IV

9. Shadow Complex 2

10. Rainbow Six

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"Wowed my eyes" is what I would consider a good definition. Some games look like comic books, some cartoons, and others take the more realistic approach. All the games that I listed look amazing on a decent gaming pc.

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Seeing how Rockstar recently informed everyone to not install the Play Disc. I wonder how this will affect digital versions.

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Any idea when GTAV will be on Xbox 360 Games of Demand?

I have some MS Point Cards built up over several years but I have yet to find a good reason to use them. If GTAV goes on Games on Demand I will definitely purchase it.

Here is a list of Games that have made it to Games on Demand soon after retail.

Rayman Legends 9/3 - GOD Date 9/13 - 10 days
Madden NFL 25 8/27 - GOD Date 9/6 - 10 days
Lost Planet 3 8/27 - GOD Date 9/6 - 10 days
Saints Row IV 8/20 - GOD Date 8/30 - 10 days

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I "still" have no reason to buy a next gen console in the fall. The whole reason to buy a console is to have an experience that you can't get anywhere else. I'm not interested in any exclusives in the fall. I could see myself getting a console for a really fun multiplayer game to play with friends but BF4 and COD: Ghosts both look like more of the same and Watch_Dogs looks great but I can get it on PC.. Titanfall and Destiny are the only two that have my interest in the spring so far but if I pass on both titles I can see myself waiting until Fall of 2014 before making a purchase. Fall of 2014 should offer Uncharted 4, The Division, Treyarch COD, Rainbox Six Patriots, a new Gears of War game, a new Halo game, and several other unannounced console exclusives.

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Sorry, already traded with a guy on reddit.

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I'm currently waiting on Amazon to send me preorder codes. I should be receiving Young Dom and Gears of War 1. I will trade one or both to anyone with a valid/unused Young Marcus code. PM me and we can work something out. Hopefully this isn't breaking any forums rules. Thanks in advance.