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@bigsocrates: Sorry for not including enough info. I enjoy playing mulitplayer with friends and family but most exclusives are for single player that I enjoy thoroughly. I play BF4 once a week and Titanfall once a month simply because there is no one else to play with and nothing else to play currently. Everything else I play is 3-4 days a week. I have been playing Splinter Cell Blacklist, Metro Last Light, and just finished Wolfenstein.

I'm looking forward to Destiny, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, The Division, Uncharted 4, Far Cry 4, and possibly the Order 1886.

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@eder: If I bought a WiiU it would have to be for Mario Kart. It's hard to justify buying a system for one game.

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I currently have a gaming pc but none of my friends/family other than my brother play on PC. I had both PS3 and Xbox 360 but I played 75% of the time on the 360 because several friends and family members had that system. The PS3 was purchased mainly for exclusives like God of War, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Infamous, and LittleBigPlanet for my wife. Currently several of the same people that I played with on the 360 own a XB1. I’m having a hard time deciding on which console to purchase or just stay with pc.

Best Graphics
Cheaper Games
Hardly anyone to play with
Some Exclusives

Xbox One
Decent Exclusives
Several people to play with
Have enough point cards to purchase 1 game

PlayStation 4
Best Exclusives (IMO)
No one currently to play with
Already Own 2 Years of PS+

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So many games.... Imagine if Sony or Microsoft have exclusive rights to a reboot/remake (Final Fantasy Reboot Exclusive on PS4). I bet we will see a few of those this E3.

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Here is my list of games (made a list around 10 months ago) that I would love to see rebooted/remade or developed in no particular order:

1. Syphon Filter

2. Final Fantasy 7

3. Resident Evil 2

4. Dino Crisis

5. Silent Hill

6. Unreal Tournament

7. Driver

8. WarCraft IV

9. Shadow Complex 2

10. Rainbow Six

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"Wowed my eyes" is what I would consider a good definition. Some games look like comic books, some cartoons, and others take the more realistic approach. All the games that I listed look amazing on a decent gaming pc.

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Seeing how Rockstar recently informed everyone to not install the Play Disc. I wonder how this will affect digital versions.

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Any idea when GTAV will be on Xbox 360 Games of Demand?

I have some MS Point Cards built up over several years but I have yet to find a good reason to use them. If GTAV goes on Games on Demand I will definitely purchase it.

Here is a list of Games that have made it to Games on Demand soon after retail.

Rayman Legends 9/3 - GOD Date 9/13 - 10 days
Madden NFL 25 8/27 - GOD Date 9/6 - 10 days
Lost Planet 3 8/27 - GOD Date 9/6 - 10 days
Saints Row IV 8/20 - GOD Date 8/30 - 10 days

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I "still" have no reason to buy a next gen console in the fall. The whole reason to buy a console is to have an experience that you can't get anywhere else. I'm not interested in any exclusives in the fall. I could see myself getting a console for a really fun multiplayer game to play with friends but BF4 and COD: Ghosts both look like more of the same and Watch_Dogs looks great but I can get it on PC.. Titanfall and Destiny are the only two that have my interest in the spring so far but if I pass on both titles I can see myself waiting until Fall of 2014 before making a purchase. Fall of 2014 should offer Uncharted 4, The Division, Treyarch COD, Rainbox Six Patriots, a new Gears of War game, a new Halo game, and several other unannounced console exclusives.