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GamesSystemRelease DateGenreDevPublisherEngine
I Am AliveXBLA03.07.12SurvivalUbisoft ShanghaiUbisoftLEAD
Ghost Recon: Future SoldierX36005.22.12Tactical ShooterUbisoft Paris/Red StormUbisoftYETI
DeadlightXBLASummer 2012Platformer/PuzzlerTequila WorksMicrosoft
Hitman: AbsolutionPS32012StealthIO InteractiveSquare EnixGlacier 2
Far Cry 3X36009.04.12First Person ShooterUbisoft MontrealUbisoftDunia
BioShock: InfiniteX36010.16.12First person ShooterIrrational Games2K GamesUnreal 3
Tomb RaiderX360Q3 2012Action/AdventureCrystal DynamicSquare EnixCrystal
Assassin's Creed IIIPS310.30.12Action/AdventureUbisoft MontrealUbisoftAnvil
Call of Duty 2012X36011.06.12First Person ShooterTreyarchActivisionIW
The Last of UsPS3Q4 2012/Q1 2013SurvivalNaughty DogSCENaughty Dog
Resident Evil 6X36011.20.12HorrorCapcomCapcomMT Framework
Rainbow 6: PatriotsX360Q1 2013Tactical ShooterUbisoft Montreal/Red StormUbisoftAnvil
Dead Space 3??????Survival/HorrorVisceral GamesEAVisceral
Half-Life 3??????First Person ShooterValveValveSource
Free to Play
MechWarrior OnlinePCSummer 2012Action/SimulatorPiranha GamesInfiniteCryEngine 3
Ghost Recon: OnlinePC2012Action/ShooterUbisoft SingaporeUbisoftYETI
WarfacePC2012First Person ShooterCrytekTencent HoldingsCryEngine 3
Tactical InterventionPC2012First Person ShooterGoosemanOGPlanetSource
HawkenPC12.12.12First Person ShooterAdhesive GamesMeteor EntertainmentUnreal
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$15 or 1200msp

March 7th

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Just out of curiosity I am wondering what your next game purchase is and why.

My next game purchase is either I Am Alive on March 7th or Ghost Recon on May 22nd. I Am Alive depends on reviews as well as how the demo appeals to me. Ghost Recon on the other hand is a definite purchase. I am tired of fast paced/run and gun shooters. I am ready for a tactical game when you have to think about each and every move you make.

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It's sad that I have so many games but stay bored with the gaming part of my life. I remember last generation and even before then I would pick up a title and play it literally all year and after. I have several old games that I couldn't stop playing. Games like the old Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six games on PC took over my life for a long time. I wish development companies could make a game that could do what those games did for me. I honestly play MW3 every night (mainly because everyone on my Xbox friends list plays it) and have been playing Call of Duty on and off since Call of Duty 4 released. I have Call of Duty 2012 on this list but it is going to take a lot to make me purchase the next game. I am done with franchises like Gears of War, God of War, Uncharted, and possibly even Call of Duty after all the DLC comes out for MW3. I really want to get back into franchises that I haven't played in a while or new franchises altogether. The maybe's on my list really depend on what else I am playing at the time as well as if they turn out to be really great games.

GameSystemRelease DateDefiniteMaybe
I Am AliveXBLA03.07.12
Resident Evil: Operation Racoon CityX36003.20.12
Ghost Recon: Future SoldierX36005.22.12
Ghost Recon OnlinePC2012
Hitman: AbsolutionPS32012
Far Cry 3X36009.04.12
BioShock: InfiniteX36010.16.12
Tomb RaiderX360Q4 2012
Call of Duty 2012X36011.06.12
The Last of UsPS3Q4 2012/Q1 2013
Resident Evil 6X36011.20.12
Rainbow 6: PatriotsX360Q1 2013
Dead Space 3??????
Half-Life 3??????
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Between Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Hitman, Last of Us, and possibly Tomb Raider; my year is set, and that's just 3rd person games...

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@Raven10 said:

@Xpgamer7 said:

Hmm.. realistically Rainbow 6 Vegas 3(or at least something clancy), maybe a MGS spinoff for the vita, Konami's new project on that fancy new engine. Some (good?) kinect games, a couple reboots, a few new IP indie games being brought into the scene by publishers...Yeah. Not many sequels due to all the sequels coming out this year or the sequels from a few years ago being end of franchise games(GoW3 and MGS4 come to mind). So expect NEW stuff and reboots of old stuff. hopefully.

They announced a new Rainbow Six game last year called Rainbow 6: Patriots.

God of War 4 or something from the Santa Monica team seems like a good bet. Medal of Honor 2 or whatever they plan on calling it and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 are almost a given.

I can see Medal of Honor 2 but on a side note does it even have a chance. I can bet they will try to go up against the Treyarch COD game and fail miserably. The only hope they have is if some of the Respawn guys help them out.