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With David Wise and Grant Kirkhope tunes playing in the background of that video, this had absolutely no chance of failing.

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The Amazing Spiderman 2 - 1/10987

What a piece of shit. Jamie Foxx in particular is just fucking awful.

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Holy shit, that article about selling apps. I feel like I need to take a fucking shower now.

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Fuck man. I feel like I'm dreaming right now. Somebody wake me up from this terrible nightmare.

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Ben Kuchera is a fucking douche. I base this opinion solely on this thread, because I have no fucking idea who either of these people are.

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As if they would ever do that.

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Smoking is gross

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Sounds like you weren't seriously trying to kill yourself. More like one of those "outcry for help" kind of deals. Get better, and then make some polls about urinating habbits.

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I strongly dislike the fact that everything is on the left on my wide-screen monitor. The right half of the screen is just completely white.

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@im_not_herbert said:

We want to play the games we paid for, but for some us, our enjoyment is diminished if we know that members of the team who made the game or of the reporting community were treated with disrespect by fellow employees or members of her community. It adds a taint to the experience. The answer for this is not to bury our heads in the sand or demand that the issue not be addressed, the answer is for more articles to be written, and still more, until the people responsible for the offending attitudes finally get the point that what they are doing is wrong, and it will not be tolerated. The only way that is going to happen is if the reporting is done where the gamers go, and those gamers in turn let developers and other journalists or PR people know that they support women in the industry and will not accept that behavior.

You lost me here. I agree that sexism and racism are bad and have to be addressed and combated, even in something as inconsequential as the gaming industry. However, this paragraph is a bit overly dramatic and instantly turns me off. It implies a level of personal involvement between me and the games I play that is simply not there. Did the people working on L.A. Noire do so under poor conditions? Sure, probably. Does that makes me enjoy the game less? No.

If you feel this way, then that is fine. Clearly your emotional involvement in these matters is greater than mine. But phrasing such claims as if you are speaking for everybody is a big nono. It's insulting, you assume too much about people, and it turns people off, leading them to ignore your message. Which is unfortunate, because I think your message is a good one.