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Of course not.

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If he truly considers the stuff in the leaked videos to be "99% complete", that company was getting ready to release one shitty broken-ass game.

Or maybe, just maybe, he's exaggerating.

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Love me some sci-fi and fantasy. Ender's Game is downright amazing, as has been pointed out by several people already. I'd also recommend Hyperion for it's mind-boggling time travel concepts and vivid imagery.

Also, Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire are both great when it comes to fantasy.

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I really don't give a damn about his bible, but good on him for recognizing that his own show is a steaming pile of donkey shit.

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Gotta say man, that's messed up. I suggest seeking professional help, because you are basically a jaded senior citizen. Otherwise, you might as well become a hermit, and stop annoying people with your anti-social bullshit and general dickishness.

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There is none!


what does this mean for the WWE?

I'm a ghost


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Personally I feel that QL's of lesser known games are far more useful and enjoyable than any review could be.

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It really depends. I struggled with flying in Battlefield games, until I decided to practice in BF2 Singleplayer a bunch to get the hang of it and find the right mouse sensitivity. I've ben a pretty good pilot ever since. Flying in GTA games is always completely fucked, and I can only manage it by using the numerical keys instead of the mouse. Saints Row on the other has nice simple controls for jets and helos.

So yeah, really depends on the game for me.

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Happened to me once on the PC. Since then I make sure that my latest save is always a Quicksave, which has solved the problem for me.

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Trabant, Lada, Wartburg353