Best Of 2013

My top 10 games of 2013 and the platforms I played them on.

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Posted by Legend

Wow our top 5 games are almost exactly the same. I just didn't play AC4, DR3, The Swapper, Stanley Parable and Tearaway yet or they might have ended up on my list too. Guess I should get to them. :)


Yeah, I just checked out your list and our picks for 1, 2, 3 & 5 are in the exact same order. You should definitely play through the other games, they are well worth checking out when you have the time.

What's your Xbox gamertag and PSN ID so I can add you to my friends list. My Xbox gamertag is Supra EX & my PSN ID is ASSASS1N-EX, so feel free to add me if you like.