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I'm starting to add you duders/dudettes now.


Friendship Code: 0533-4499-9827

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I just was able to get it. Ima play it

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@joshthebear: Really? That's weird..... It has such a good reputation

I have 0 Origin friends (because I'm a normal person and use Steam) so add me so I can play in you duders cities or whatever

Origin ID: Saadnation

Region: US

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@skywarpgold: I'm in Ohio and it's still saying "not yet released"

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Because I wants to play it

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Origin ID: Saadnation


Let's city!

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@mnzy said:

And are you playing with a keyboard? It looks like it from your screenshot which sounds insane to me. I also play on PC, but with a controller.

No, I use a 360 controller. When I pressed F12 to take a screenshot it changed the button prompts. It's 2013, every game should do that, amiright?!

Also to be aware of; I was reading the steam forums and it seems that there is a crash after you beat Mundus (lvl 100) which makes me not want to try anymore, haha

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@saadnation: I just tried it and got as far as level 51, which is around about when those dreamrunner (sp?) dual-wielding dudes appear.

If there are 2 of them I will use my devil trigger. With one, the easiest thing to do is run away from them until they teleport then dodge; you can normally always get a few hits off after he comes back in. My biggest problem are the catlike enemies. They continue to rock my shit at around level 83 or 84ish.

Also, the biggest pro tip I can give is managing the enemies you see on screen. If an enemy is off screen they will not attack you.

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I just went on a roll and made it to wave 100 when Mundus killed me in two hits. Shit got crazy for me there in the 80's.

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