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Hey dudes,

I'm getting into this game finally, after picking it up at launch and being turned off by the tutorial. It's pretty good so far (despite just making me want to pick my MH3U file back up).... I'm only CODE 2 right now, but if anyone is in a similar boat as me, or knows a lot more about this game than me and wouldn't mind playing with a newer player, add me (maybe mention GB or Freedom Wars as well). PSN: SAC-99

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@rempresent: Definitely noted, thanks! I'll add people on that list and make sure to mention GB and Monster Hunter. If you wouldn't mind adding me to the list, it would be appreciated

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I'll never forget you, Ryan Davis

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I semi-recently got into the MH series and I'm pretty hooked. The most rewarding game I've played in a long time. I'm in the High Rank quests for single player right now but have not touched the multiplayer quests (still HR1). I would be very down to play with you (or anyone else reading this. Seriously, I'm dying to play this with other people and not just join random games online). I'm a LS user primarily. Purely FYI, just let me know. NNID: SAC-99

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Hello all,

I am almost done with the single player quests and finally want to dig deep into multiplayer. None of my IRL friends even care about video games and I've been kind of obsessed with MH3U for almost a month now. I'm still HR1 so if anyone else maybe recently picked this up during a sale (or wouldn't mind doing the early rank quests with me), I am beyond down to hunt with you all. I have mastered the LS (gonna start learning the GS soon), have a few different good sets of armor, and generally have my monster hunting shit together. I am good at cooperating too (aka not a dick). Anyway, if you're in the same boat as me, my NNID is SAC-99, or feel free to message me.

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Hey duders...

I just bought a Wii U along with all six of the other games for it (kidding... Kinda). One of the big reasons for picking up the system was to finally get into Monster Hunter, after hearing about it so much on the 8-4 podcast. I'm just starting out and getting the hang/comprehending this game (I still feel like I am missing some vital information though) but if any of you are in the same boat as me or would want to hunt with a newbie like me (I am a competent player of video games), I'd appreciate it. I really just want to get way into this game and finally experience it! Nnid: SAC-99

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@sooty said:

Ryan doesn't play games.

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@jouseldelka said:

It's a known historical fact that the jewish Israelis, with the help of the ruling British back then, brutalized and mass murdered the innocent weak residents of Palestine and moved into their homes. A lot of people I know who are interested in this subject, call the Israelis the neo-Nazis, which is the most ironic thing ever.

But I don't think criticizing the Israelis is considered cool on American websites, I think your topic will be locked. It's the norm in the west today to have sympathy for the Jewish people because of the holocaust and not criticize the evil actions of their state. They're a US ally after all, which means they're above criticism.

I'll just quote this for the truth.


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i'm going to join kite co... been really curious about this game, and it sounds like the perfect summer vacation game.