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Hey duders...

I just bought a Wii U along with all six of the other games for it (kidding... Kinda). One of the big reasons for picking up the system was to finally get into Monster Hunter, after hearing about it so much on the 8-4 podcast. I'm just starting out and getting the hang/comprehending this game (I still feel like I am missing some vital information though) but if any of you are in the same boat as me or would want to hunt with a newbie like me (I am a competent player of video games), I'd appreciate it. I really just want to get way into this game and finally experience it! Nnid: SAC-99

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Ryan doesn't play games.

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It's a known historical fact that the jewish Israelis, with the help of the ruling British back then, brutalized and mass murdered the innocent weak residents of Palestine and moved into their homes. A lot of people I know who are interested in this subject, call the Israelis the neo-Nazis, which is the most ironic thing ever.

But I don't think criticizing the Israelis is considered cool on American websites, I think your topic will be locked. It's the norm in the west today to have sympathy for the Jewish people because of the holocaust and not criticize the evil actions of their state. They're a US ally after all, which means they're above criticism.

I'll just quote this for the truth.


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i'm going to join kite co... been really curious about this game, and it sounds like the perfect summer vacation game.

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@caustic_fox: Not exactly sure what you're talking about... The Limited Edition was no different from any other EA "Limited Edition", as in it was just the game... new (with Back to Karkand access). Pretty sure they didn't sell the game brand new without that. Please elaborate on this "Standard Edition"

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loving the co-op, as i finally just got this game. let's play!

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@GooieGreen @Crixaliz @tvekrules i know i'm a little late to this thread, but i just got this game and am really liking the co-op. i want to play it on harder difficulties though, so if anyone wants to play sometime... PSN: SAC-99

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I bet the anonymous post was Leigh Alexander

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For example, dance, techno, or other highly digital music would sound awful on vinyl.

.... I really disagree. Also, there is a lot of electronic music that incorporates analog recording techniques and analog instruments. Just sayin...