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PC gamer, D&D player, Sci-Fi lover, Fantasy fanatic, Street Fighter, Strategist, Mortal Kombatant  these all describe me in a way in the realm of gaming. 
  Name is Dean by the way, I enjoy video games mostly, D&D has become a secondary hobby of mine as of late. PC gaming is my specialty but I'm in no way hardcore about it. 
I feel it has more freedom to it compared to the buy our membership and/or console group that is out there. I don't debate on that however.
   I enjoy reading as well...comic books, novels, zombie survival guides, world war Z, Movies.
  Things I dislike? Jerks, People who can't laugh at themselves or lack of a sense of humor as I tend to have an abrasive sense of my own, People who think I'm a tool to be used, Insensitive people,