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Well maybe, JUST MAYBE, if they stop westernizing the fuck out of their franchises. And stick to what worked they could have success instead of these crap games they've been spewing out lately with no depth to them.

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The biggest problem here is that Aris Bahktanians doesn't know when the shut the fuck up. He continues saying shit and now it's showing the consequences. Doesn't matter what he thinks at this point, the internet will decide if he is still worthy to have around.

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You can add me to SuperSFIV AE GFWL ID: Mohawkny115

Steam ID: Mohawk

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EA ruins another franchise. No surprise there.

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I read this when it first got posted on their site. It's nice to see the CEO take responsibility for their actions rather than blame the fans or others for not wanting what they wanted to push on us as players. I enjoy EVE because it covers a genre that no other mmo truly covers well, a sci-fi universe.

To have EVE improve itself and remember its customers but not having to go the route of doing micro transactions on everything and forgetting what brought all the people to the game in the first place, its something I look forward to CCP accomplishing plus DUST 514 being integrated into the EVE universe.

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anyone else getting the account doesn't exist error when putting in your account name? It validates everything else but that for me.

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@Sitoxity: No, they only work on newly created trial accounts.

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I got free trial invites for EVE online, 10 of them to be exact. If anyone is interested in trying out the game I can send you a email for the game. These invites give you 21 days to try out the game rather than the 14 normally offered. More time to decide if you like it or not. PM me your email address if you want it.

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Either way, the players lose, CCP wins.

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Watch death unfold.