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@karkarov: wait, does your health just regenerate on its own out of combat? I grabbed the one perk that heals you during the day but only noticed that taking effect.

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Wait... Why is that screen shot blue and the other one green? The game is just one color.... What the fuck... What the fuck is this devil game!!!!!?

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I think my PC is officially dated so Ps4 for me. It could probably still run the game but would most likely struggle running it even on lower settings and I would rather not deal with that and just enjoy the game while sitting on my couch in front of my big screen.

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Finally finished the Witcher 2 a few days ago and am working my way through one now (I actually really REALLY like it) and I cannot wait till this game unlocks on ps4.

Also is it weird that I'm super excited about beard growing tech? Cause I am. Beards are cool and I like full control of my beard.

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Sounds like the combat is loads better in 3 and if that's the case Ill probably go in on the notch above normal but I have no issue in turning it down if it gets annoying.

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Just the other day I was thinking, "you know what would make my figurine of Jill Valentine better? If I could just squeeze her boobs together and have them move around and jiggle when I shake her"

Kojima gets me!

But seriously, this is just dumb. Like unnecessary but also who cares. It's not worth getting angry over.

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I'm a huge fan of the series and I can say that hands down hitting the remake is more than enough. It's basically the original game but with more added to it, better gameplay and beautiful visuals. The only thing you'll be missing is the horrendously hilarious dialogue of the original. In the remake it's just kinda bad but the original was something special, but a simple YouTube video can clear all the up for you.

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Yeah I've had some issues with that but I played a few player matches and now when I do ranked I don't really care what people's records are. Last week I'm pretty sure I beat 5 people in a row that all said I had a winning percentage between 1-5%. The biggest issue is that the lag is devestating. I'm not even talking about the input lag, about 70% of my games I have lag that causes quick hitches and pauses in the match. About 20% I have severe lag where the game literally freezes for a second or 2 and basically drops all inputs put in. Sadly only about 10% really feel good and that's giving a pass on the input lag.

I honestly haven't touched he game in about 5 days because I'm pretty sick of dealing with it

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@rigas: thank you for posting this! I remember two Star Trek games from my childhood that I loved but couldn't remember them. This one I'm pretty sure my family got free with our very first, very advanced, windows 95 machine. The second own I know is more recent, say early 2000s. It was a first person shooter and I played the demo of it. The first mission was on a Borg ship and the second was on a ship while it was being torn the fuck up. Still can't recall that one but I think it actually had a sequel a few years later.

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I play it still every once in awhile so when my friends do play it's fun since we haven't touched the game in awhile. They being said, it is never played without alcohol being involved which tends to always make it better.

I will say though that after playing it multiple times. The answers that have a small paragraph to read grow really old compared to the ones that are short and sweet