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So it seems like people have a very basic understanding of these two stats, impact and attack. I thought I would toss in my 2 cents of what I found during my brief testing.

If you hover over the attack number the descprions actually says "higher attack allows your weapons to damage higher level opponents" and it seems like people have found that to be accurate.

Now what I was what if a gun with a lower attack had the same impact as a gun with higher attack, here is what Got:

level 10 hunter

Auto rifle with 60 attack at medium range against a lvl 6 Dregg: 28 dmg to body and 84 to head

Auto rifle with 72 attack and equal impact as the rifle above at medium range against a lvl 6 Dregg: 31 dmg to body and 91 to head.

So if the enemy is of equal or lower level and two weapons have the same impact, the one with higher attack ultimately does more damage. Now, I then switched to scout rifle wth a much higher impact but same attack as one of the rifles and here's what I got.

Scout Rifle: 72 attack with more than double the impact of the previously mentioned rifles: 56 dmg to body with 138 headshot damage.

So I guess in the end you really need to look at impact unless you have guns that are at parody, have elemental damage or are facing enemies of a larger level.

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When I was young I asked my dad to buy me City of Heroes. Little did I know that was an MMO with a monthly subscription.... I remember looking at the back of the box and thinking how cool it would be to make your own super hero and everything. I was a sad kid once I got home.

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Unfortunately I have Alien pre ordered because god damnit I love alien and that dlc was enough to have me toss 5 bucks down for it. While I know that the precious Alien game was a complete disaster, word of mouth for this one seems mostly positive except for the difficulty curve which may be better if you are actually playing the game from the start. I'm pretty confident it'll at the very least be a good game. As for The Evil Within I'm a bit more weary. I REALLY want it to be good and if it gets at least decent reviews I'll be down for it in the future.

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Kinda bummed about initial impressions. It seems like a game that would be an awesome value next year when the inevitable "Remastered" or "Game of the Year Edition" releases with a good chunk of the extra content. I liked the Beta stuff but really have no drive to play that Old Russia area again after just playing in it for a long time. Still I hope it does well and it seems like there are a good amount of people enjoying it.

Out of the 33 friends currently online on my friends list, 25 are playing Destiny, this game is going to sell fine.

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Pretty much with everyone here. Dialogue sounds like they were trying to mimic how players would sound I guess, they of course failed. Everything else though was pretty rad, I would have preferred a more atmospheric tone but that's just me.

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@patrickklepek @alex and everyone else at Giantbomb. You guys are awesome and your website is second to none. Keep up the amazing work. To those affected by this, my heart goes out to you and I hope this needless madness ends sooner rather than later.

There we go, at least I feel a bit better now.

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@tdot said:

@astromarine said:

To the people on this site who are on the side of, or at least sympathetic towards, gamergate, the lovely people who started and have been coordinating this whole mess had this excellent thing to say about some people you may care about. AND I FUCKING QUOTE:


End fucking quote. This is the scum you are supporting, or at least indirectly aiding.




I read that too... I just... I had no words for what psychopaths these people are...

Dude, what the fuck. These people make me ashamed to be a part of the games community even though I don't condone any of their actions whatsoever. This is fucking disgusting, god damnit people.

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@brodehouse: I'm super excited for Mortal Kombat X. I just think Goro is better than a fracking pre-order bonus. He's my favorite MK character!

It's not about having enough fighters. It's about Goro getting stuck behind an arbitrary paywall. It's MK blasphemy!

I see where you're coming from man and I agree that this sucks. But look, this game is probably one of the safe bets you can make as a pre order. I absolutely hate pre orders and you know what? It really sucks that this and Alien Isolation are basically forcing my hand to pre order simply cause I don't wanna pay extra for content I could get for free. So don't take this the wrong way, I would LOVE for Goro to be just included. Would love it! But, if you HAVE too, I think this one is safe to pre order because damn it looks utterly fantastic.

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@pr1mus: I knew the beginnings of the issue at hand, just not the reason it exploded. Thanks for the article though, ignorance IS bliss and I'm sure I'll regret reading this but seems like something I wanna be in the know about.

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I am seriously missing something. Can somebody fill me in on the situation at hand?