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I went with Hayter but pretty much agree with everyone that Kiefer is still solid and I actually think he kinda fits the character well. It is hard to overthrow the guy who has been doing it since the beginning.

Playing MGS4 again after the change made me realize the Snakes voice is kind of silly how overly grizzled it is, especially compared to Kiefers. I think if the actual plan is to have him play Big Boss from now on would be cool and with more content I'm sure more people will like his performance with more content

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@sanity: Black Flag is a good choice. It looks great on ps4 and runs well. Battlefield 4 is pretty much stable now on ps4 and it is a really great multiplayer shooter to pick up. Honestly the sooner the better for getting a ps4. Since the free games disappear if you don't redeem them you are missing out on free games. I think resogun is still up for sure and mercenary kings. Unfortunately they took off other great games like outlast and don't starve already.

If you like stealth games a lot Metal Gear is really enjoyable. Sure there is the length issue but I have almost 10 hours in that game so it can surely last if you like replaying levels. If you like Basketball games NBA 2k14 is really excellent and looks phenomenal. We are going to be in the thick of it shortly, and like I said each month you wait you are missing free games you could be getting and sometimes they are complete surprised. I remember dead nation was free two months ago and nobody had any clue they was coming till a week out.

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@mb: I guess it won't hurt to try that but I don't think that's the issue. It's just weird because I have had zero issues whatsoever. It's completely on his end.

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Hey everyone

I recently fell down the Diablo hole, I played the starter edition and decided to pick the game up along with the expansion. I told my friend about it and we have been playing the starter edition together (made a sham account for it) and while my connection is pretty much fine throughout, he goes through some really horrible lag spikes. One second it'll be fine but once we get into combat his ping shoots up like a skyrocket and it looks like he is just standing still on my screen then jumps around. Any other online games we play together work fine, his internet is decent and his PC is rather modern. I just really cannot figure out what the issue is or if there is a solution. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks duders!

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I'm sure it'll look and run better but man, I don't think I could bring myself to play this game again.

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Can't believe people are still in bunches about Rare doing this. It's not the team you're thinking of anymore, simplythe name of the study. Don't get me wrong, it fucking sucks what happened to em but c'mon, it's been along time since all this went down

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I write for a small website now making reviews and features (that I won't say the name of cause of Giant Bomb rules) but I know what you mean. Right now the writing work I do is without pay but I enjoy writing reviews and cool little features even though the features simply can't compare to the big sites because we can't get access to developers or early copies of games. I've bought games Id rather not spend the money on just to keep up the work and have reached out to a few people for freelance jobs to make some cash. One never emailed me back and the other gave me a response to send over some articles and that was the end of that.

It seems like the game journalist is a tightly knitted circle that is incredibly hard to penetrate. As for now Ill keep writing for this smaller site and enjoying it because I love games and love to write about them. But I honestly can't help but feel frustrated just like you that the video game journalist nearly impenetrable.

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Too soon....

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When I was playing there was some horribly rubber banding and lag. I did play really late one night and it ran smooth and it was a ton of fun. Absolutely the bet dlc so far and if you aren't into the premium pass this is the dlc to get.