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I just had to put my 2 TB harddrive in my ps4 yesterday. Hoping the sercixe comes back soon so I can start actually downloading my games

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Yes!! I've been listening to them in order from oldest to newest but I would much rather jump in this bad boy when I have an Internet connection! Good to see it back duder

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Yo if I could put all 3 of my votes in the dinosaur category I would. Alaska sounds cool though too if they implemented survival stuff like keeping warm and eating and such

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@believer258: I'm with you here. I used to make blogs every once in awhile and be quite active on the forums. Unfortunately, Jeff's saying is true, you go from having no money and a ton of time to having enough money and no time. So I really try and watch guant Bomb stuff when I can but I have sorta lost the forum community. I still post every now and again but not at the rate I used too. I also cut out most of my tv watching and movie watching for games too. Sometimes here or there I'll watch a film but most of the time I would rather be doing something interactive if I'm just hangin at home

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Props for the Alien: Isolation mention. At least someone remembers it

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@jaypb08: I've heard the same thing actuall but the sonic ring noise went off everytime someone went in or out of the store. Not a bad "welcome/goodbye" chime if you ask me

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@thunderslash: they just had a buy 2 get 1 deal a few weeks ago that was pretty rad

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@frostyryan: can't say I know of any differences but the pa4 version for me ran great. Pretty constant framerate and I don't think I had any real stand out visual glitches or anything.

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Just finished it up and yeah I do think the ending is set in stone no matter what you do but I'm going to say it probably affects things in the next episode.

I gotta say that this was a VERY strong start to the series. It certainly understands the nature of the show and pretty much got everything right in my book. i kind of appreciated the commitment to making this mainly about politics and discussions rather than shoe horning in puzzles like they did sometimes in Walking Dead Season 1. The manipulation and cruelty of Westeros are hallmarks of the series and they focus on that to a huge degree. Along with the spot on writing, great voice acting, and some surprisingly well animated faces, I cannot wait for episode 2 to hit.

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Guys, remember when you first found out that P.T was actually a new silent hill game? That shit was fuckin cool.