Took me long enough...

well i signed up for this site a long time ago, but i never was actually to active... well i think its time to change that, Im often bored and looking for stuff to do on my PC so if i was to come here and just contribute a lot of stuff and what not, that might solve my boredom lol.

aside from contributing, i will probably be blogging a lot and jump on the forums from time to time. i can say right now though that i play a lot of EVE online and as a space pirate, i like to blog about my adventures and experiences of my crimes in new eden. so ill post what ever blogs i have on my blog site here as well in the coming times (people seem to enjoy reading em :P )

see ya guys later :)

(I accidentally hit the post button thr times and it posted three of the same blog -_- the dupes are deleted now, but just wanted to make sure no one thought i was spamming)