Buffs Are Your Friend

Hey again duders and dudetters(?) and welcome to...a new blog!
Last time(if you read my blog), you found out that I apparently like videogames and that I'm currently playing through a new game+ of Persona 4 and doing my first playthrough of Nocturne. This time, I'm actually going to talk about playing those games, so um....we'd better start!
I made my way through Yukiko's Castle since I last wrote my blog. In comparison to normal difficulty, the mobs aren't too much harder besides a specific few. The magician dudes can be especially hard if you can't kill them within 2 round because it allows them to get a Mind Charge plus Ma-bufu/agi/garu/zio in. It's a good idea to have a persona that can use Makajam (silencing spell) and to cast it on the largest magician if you encounter a group. Silencing one can make the difference between making it through the fight and getting destroyed because of weakness exploitation. Also, use physical attacks on them as physical tends to hit them pretty hard.
There are 2 main bosses in the castle; Chie's Shadow and Yukiko's Shadow. Chie's Shadow is pretty straightforward, but has a pretty awesome design(dominatrix banana for the win!). All you need to do really is spam Garu on it with Yosuke and use physical attacks with your MC as you probably are only using Izanagi at the moment. If you

 Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring... BANANA PHONE!
have access to to a persona with Garu, use it but be weary as she can use Mazio and that would mean both your characters will take major damage unless you guarded before hand. She'll also 'stare' at Yosuke sometimes, which means you need to guard with Yosuke otherwise she'll hit him with a move that will leave him dizzy. Also, when she uses Green Wall, just use physical attacks on her. She's pretty straightforward and easy, but Yukiko's shadow is a whole different story.
Yukiko's Shadow along with Nocturne have taught me an important lesson about Shin Megami Tensei games...

Buffs and Debuffs are your friends (and foes)!

Yes, those spells that I, along with a fair few other people almost never use in RPGs are now essential to survival. I was able to get by with minimal buffing in normal mode Persona 4, but in expert if you don't buff and debuff, you die...it's that simple. I first learned this in Nocturne, specifically the Matador fight. Anyone who's played Nocturne knows exactly what I'm talking about. Matador is the first of multiple 'fiend' demons that you fight, and is the only required one (to my knowledge). At the point in the game you fight him, you probably are still getting used to how the fighting system works and just starting to tinker with demon fusing. The bosses before this point are generally easy, so you might have fallen into a sense of security and confidence. But once you get to Matador, he will kick you in the teeth, spit on your face and will let you know that this game will make you it's bitch if you don't play it properly. 
The first thing this guy does is cast a spell called Red Cape, which will raise his hit and dodge rating 4 time more than your average buff spell. With this buff on him, you
 Matador: Destroyer of SMT Noobs
pretty much are never going to hit him and he will always hit you. He has some pretty deadly physical attacks, but his force spell is the most troublesome. It will pound your party to the ground if you and the rest of your demons don't have resistances to force or at least some of them do. For this boss, you NEED to have a demon with Fog Breath(4x hit/dodge debuff) to reduce his dodge back to normal, or at least have Sukunda(the 1x normal hit/dodge debuff) and cast it multiple times. You'll also want to have your MC equip with the Magamata (how you gain stats/spells-I'll explain this later) that allows you to resist force spells and have a demon that knows Media so you can heal all your party members when he uses his attacks that hit everyone. Even with all those things, it took me about 10 tries to kill this guy, but when I finally killed him, I think I bellowed out the loudest "YESSSSSSSSS" I've ever yelled for a videogame in a long time.
Now, back to Persona 4. 
Yukiko's Shadow can be one tough cookie as well. Her physical attacks, specifically Assault Dive, can and will hit really hard. Assault Dive in particular was one shotting my MC at times without debuffs and using the right persona. I'd highly recommend getting a Slime for this battle and leveling it up until it learns Resist Physical. This will save you a lot of grief because of an unlucky Assault Dive hit. Slime can also learn Red Wall, which will reduce a character weakness to fire down to normal resistance for a few turns. This helps a lot on Chie and will prevent the boss from getting another turn due to weakness exploitation. Also, you really need to get a persona that can resist or null fire attacks. I used Senri because she is null to fire damage and also can learn Media, which helps immensely in the fight. I'd also recommend having a persona that can learn Tarunda (reduces attack) because it will help your other party members survive through her physical attacks.
You'll want to have Slime equip for the first part of the fight. She'll use physical attacks for the first half of the fight mostly, so don't worry about fire damage too much yet. After the first round or 2 of turns, she'll summon her prince. You'll want to focus on him because it's never good to have 2 bosses wailing at you at the same time. Make
 Despite All My Rage, I'm Still Just a Ra...Bird In a Cage
sure Chie uses Mabufu on prince as it'll hit both bosses and make prince dizzy. Also, make sure you are using Tarunda on Yukiko's Shadow if you have it and use it on prince if you have SP to spare. Once the prince dies, you'll want to equip your fire resistant persona. Make sure you also buff Chie with Red Wall before you do so because once prince dies, she'll start casting Burn to Ashes every few turns. This is a super deadly fire attack that will kill Chie in one hit if she isn't guarding or has Red Wall on her. It'll also allow the boss to get another turn, which could very well finish off your party who are probably already hurting from the fire attack. At this point in the fight, you'll want to wail on her because of the amount of damage she does at this point. If you don't finish her off quickly, you'll likely run out of SP and die when she uses Burn to Ashes again.

Phew, what a wall of text! I better talk about something besides SMT quickly to add a little variety to this blog!
I did a lot of college work for most of the week. I had an exam in Psych and Programming, so I was mostly studying for those. The nice thing about programming is that I really enjoy the subject, so the studying doesn't really feel like work. Psych on the other hand is a influx of meh. My professor is a bit weird and really doesn't know how to organize her class. It's a bit annoying when I barely know anything about psych, but think I can organize the structure of the class better than her. I'll just be glad to be done with the class really.
I also heard the news that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is going to be on Adult Swim. I haven't watched Adult Swim in years because I find most of their comedy shows to be kinda iffy and I own all the anime that they rerun on the block on DVD. The inclusion of the new FMA is the exact thing that I needed to bring me back to Adult Swim and I'm eager to see it's premier next Saturday. Now, if they could just get Eden of the East, it'd make for a Saturday block of anime bliss.
Anyway, I'd better end this as it's getting super long. I hope you enjoyed my blog readers and I'm sorry if it seems a bit too much like a guide. I'll try to fix it next week so it comes out to be a bit less formal, but still provides good info.
Have a good week everyone!

Genesis: The Blog Edition

Quite the introduction, right? Well, I honestly don't even have the writing credentials of a 13 year old who writes Kingdom Hearts fanfics, so bare with me. I'm SadisticApathy, as you might be able to tell by my spiffy username (that word next to the picture!) and I'm writing a blog. This could turn into a series of blogs that I periodically update or be a one shot thing. I'm pretty inconsistant about these things, so I don't know how it will turn out.
Anyway, I better tell you (the reader who's awesome enough to read my blog) something about me so you get a better idea of what I'm like. Surprisingly enough, I tend to enjoy those interactive moving pictures that you use a input apparatus to to....interact with, or as anyone with a mind might call them, videogames. I like to play most genres of games, but I generally play a lot of RPGs. I've always gravitated toward RPGs a bit more than other genres since I was a kid. I also enjoy pretty much everything about computers. I've built a lot of computers for myself and my family/friends and I always find it enjoyable. The last thing I'll mention is that I enjoy anime/manga. You probably could already tell by looking at my avatar/background picture but if you couldn't, there ya go. Also, if you know anything about anime, you can probably tell what one of my favorite shows is by looking at said pictures (and no, the movie isn't included although I don't think its terrible).
Now that introductions have been said, lets get to the actual content of this blog!
I beat Mass Effect 2 last night. It's a pretty freaking awesome game, as I'm sure thousands of people have already said. It really improved and streamlined everything that was iffy about Mass Effect and is what other developers should look at when they need inspiration on how to make a sequel. The only gripe I have with the game is the planet scanning. It's slow, repetitive and tedious. The upside is that it's a good excuse to turn off the game after playing 7-8 hours of it nonstop and wanting to continue. If you are a fan of games like Gears and/or like talking to video game characters for extended periods of time, buy this game.
Persona 4 is the game I'd thank for getting me on the Shin Megami Tensei train. It'd take me so long to explain why I love this game so much as there are so many things Atlus did right with this game. I picked it up back in March of last year and beat it in October. I intend to do a new game+, but maybe a year after beating the game as that game takes quite a time investment. Now jump to last month. Since beating Persona 4, I had played the original Persona, some of Persona 3, Shin Megami Tensei and just bought Nocturne and was about 20 hours in. Even months after beating Persona 4, I still couldn't stop thinking about it, so I finally gave in. 
As of today, I have put in 5 hours into a new game plus into Persona 4, which makes a total of 68 hours over this playthrough and my first. Even though I already know how the whole game pans out, it still feels like a really awesome experience and I'm eager to continue making progress in the game whilst playing through Nocturne (which is also a really awesome game, despite feeling a wee bit jaded compared to Persona). 
I think I'm done for today. I hope you enjoyed the blog and I'm sorry if the last bit seems a bit boring. I was getting a bit tired as I was writing it. Anyway, for my next blog I'll probably go into detail about what I'm doing in Nocturne/Persona 4, or I might spout some bullshit. Just depends on the day of the week.
Have a good one.