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I've used Cheat Engine for years on steam games and am still in good standing with VAC. Although, I've never used it with games where it would be a problem to use it on, i.e. multiplayer games. From my experience, it seems fine to use as long as you don't use in games where it might impact other players. Also, in most cases, Cheat Engine wouldn't even work in multi games where values are checked server-side for validation. The user values would likely be ignored and immediately revert to the actual one according to the server.

If you wanted to be safe though, you could always switch steam to offline before jumping in.

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I'll be there Friday morning for the weekend.

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Wonder what impact this has on the Double Fine/Ron Gilbert Kickstarter project.

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Their maple trees were no match for the aliens.

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Hippy B Dehr!

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Been playing it since the early alpha version, like it a lot. However, I'm getting the same vibe I did from Trackmania, no sizeable US population/servers.

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@Hizang said:

As much as I liked the first Track mania TNT, I really don't want more. There are 1000's of games they could play, so why do they just play the same ones over and over.

Because they like them?

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Watched it due to the GB recommendation. Worth every penny.

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Missed it last year due to SWTOR coverage, will miss it again this year due to our own meetup. /sadpanda

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Biggest news of E3 right here.