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The only think I know about Legend of Kay is that it had a back cover ad on an issue of EGM once.

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Personally, I like both of them. But yeah, they are very different shows.

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@djjoejoe: The machine never gives you a helmet. You get it in a different room

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I have a box of Magic cards openly visible on my shelves, alongside a pile of PC game boxes, my Harry Potter and Douglas Adams collections, and my PC part graveyard. So, sure. Why not. I won't bring these things up in conversation unless someone strikes me as that kind of person, because otherwise it's just awkward for everyone. If it happens to pop up I won't deny it.

Life isn't long enough to give a shit about these kinds of things.

It's almost scary how well this fits me as well, hahaha.

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How big are these bags? Like comically big with dollar signs on them? Absolutely.

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  • Anyone have any clue at what point in David Tennant series was he pulled from his time line to take part in the series?

I have a feeling it was right before this:

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just a hunch though.

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The premium Bombcast doesn't have the ad reads in them.

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@gesi1223 said:

I wonder what the point of tossing the clamshell design is. Is it just to save a few dollars so they dont have to make 2 seperate parts of the thing? Could it be some sort of way to make it look more like a smartphone rather than an old "clamshell" phone? Which sounds pretty stupid, considering the way the thing looks and what it actually is.

From what I understand it's designed that way to be harder for young children to snap in half. That seems to be the primary demographic for this thing, as they cant accidentally turn the 3d on have their little eyes explode.

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This whole situation sucks, and I wish more people would take the time to talk about stuff they like than the nonsense that pisses them off.