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When I went to see Deadpool, I had a very similar thought to this when they showed the trailer for Hardcore Henry. It seriously looks like a big budget FMV game that you're watching someone else play. It also happens to look like the most boring by the numbers shooter game ever made, but idk.

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I just want a version of this movie that has a quick time event every 10 seconds and 300 different death scenes. On Laserdisc.

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The one that immediately sprang to mind. I love/hate it so damn much.

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So, does the winning cake get thrown in a toilet, or what?

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It's funny, because you're asking for peoples opinions.

I get it. *wink*

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The only think I know about Legend of Kay is that it had a back cover ad on an issue of EGM once.

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Personally, I like both of them. But yeah, they are very different shows.

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@djjoejoe: The machine never gives you a helmet. You get it in a different room

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I have a box of Magic cards openly visible on my shelves, alongside a pile of PC game boxes, my Harry Potter and Douglas Adams collections, and my PC part graveyard. So, sure. Why not. I won't bring these things up in conversation unless someone strikes me as that kind of person, because otherwise it's just awkward for everyone. If it happens to pop up I won't deny it.

Life isn't long enough to give a shit about these kinds of things.

It's almost scary how well this fits me as well, hahaha.

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How big are these bags? Like comically big with dollar signs on them? Absolutely.