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I have to go with Horizon. But ReCore could be really cool. The pedigree of the developers makes me excited but it would have been nice to see some gameplay though.

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I never finished the original. Sure i'll play it.

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Jesus fucking christ, i thought i'd never see the day. I kind of gave up a couple of years ago after that elaborate kikizo rumor fell through. I'm glad i was wrong!

My god this is incredible.

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So what does this mean for River City Ransom Underground? Probably nothing since they were officially licensed before this.

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I doubt Kojima Productions would be able to have The Phantom Pain ready for September and at the same time get so far in development on Silent Hills in less than a year after the P.T. reveal.

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Too much? Everything, well most of it, is archived on the site. This site. The site you just posted this thread on. Just because you can't watch it the very minute it goes up doesn't mean you can't enjoy it at a later date.

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Just thought i should share some happy news.

Showtime also confirmed this via their twitter:

Twin Peaks is a strange show. I finished it for the first time just last year and really liked it for it's strangeness and while i wasn't a fan of the cheesy mystery solving teen trio i did really like most of the other characters and hope to see them return in the new season.

While i thought it would have been possible without him i'm still very happy that he is returning to Twin Peaks with Mark Frost to do it proper. Will you be watching, GiantBomb?

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For as much as i dislike the Banjo games i just had to support this one. We need more variety in games today and a 3D platformer at that? I'm in.

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@teddie: Pretty much like all the Rare characters then.

I do like these better than most of their stuff though.