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Like most people, probably, i'd already purchased physical copies of both HL2 and DOD:S. The first game i actually bought in the steam store was Left 4 Dead.

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Hearing that Kojima, and more so, Kojima Productions is involved makes me really happy. Ever since Kojimas twitter i've been waiting and hoping for this to happen.

I'm not so sure about having Reedus' in it though. I have nothing against the man but it just feels off to have a "real" actor as the main character in a game and is kind of a turn-off. It's kind of the same problem that i have with cosplaying but in reverse.

I haven't seen much from Guillermo Del Toro though, other than Pacific Rim which i didn't really care for. Can anyone recommend any good horror movie he's made?

I just hope they don't turn it into some kind of Outlast or Amnesia-esque game.

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All the "remaster of a remake" jokes aside. I'm excited for this.

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As many others have already stated in here, it probably won't happen.

But i would love it if they actually made a classic Resident Evil style game on a lower budget than their numbered sequels and release it on PSN, XBLA. Kind of like what they did with Strider.

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No more Vinny on the Bombcast and Unprofessional fridays? I don't know how i feel about this.

I don't like it.

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It's either the older Counter-Strike mod before/during Steam, but it's kind of hard to track that without the steam hours played thing. Or Counter-Strike Global Offensive with 640 hours or so.

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I always thought that them saying their own names was kind of stupid and always preferred the noises they made in the games.

I haven't played X/Y but from what i've seen from videos the graphics in battles look really nice but the over world stuff could use some work. But i guess there's only that much you can do with the 3DS.

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The Day Z community in general. And no, i'm not talking about shooting on sight, that i can kind of understand but instead the rampant killing of people that pose no threat to you what so ever.

I could run around in my underwear that leaves me with no inventory space for food, ammo, weapons, anything and still get killed as soon as i am spotted by a fully geared M4 guy with a ballistic helmet. I mean come on, i can't harm the guy in any way shape or form and he get nothing from killing me so why the hell is he still killing me?

Probably because he haven't shot anything in the last five minutes and his trigger finger is getting itchy.

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I will keep going with discs as long as i can. The reason for this is that i don't really have that fast of an internet connection and it would take forever to download a 50GB game and also because i don't feel like paying 600 SEK for a digital copy when i can get it from internet stores for 400 instead.

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Yes! I Pre-ordered right after they lowered the price for the next-gen versions. I can't wait!