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@sccdemir: I do think the Souls games are rather hard, just not as hard as people would like you to think. A good example of a game that i found incredibly hard is the original version of Devil May Cry 3, it was a long time ago i played it though.

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Most games that are made today are treating you like a five year old with ADHD. With checkpoints every 10 seconds and difficulty settings that mean that the hardest difficulty actually is the normal setting. No wonder people think the Souls games are hard.

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@probablytuna: You're probably right. But if that's the case, i don't really know to what effect they did it, because it just seems like regular stupid soap opera to me with no apparent parody what so ever. I don't know maybe i just don't get it.

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@lysergica33: It's very true that most of it was really bad soap opera crap. I feel like it was a product of its time.
Twin Peaks is remembered for those absurd episodes and i doubt they'll get away with the soap opera angle today. Also with Lynch and Frost writing all of the episodes i feel this might still be good without him directing.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that i think they know better than to make it as soapy today as it was back then.

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It's a bummer for sure. But the scripts are already written by Lynch and Frost. And only two episodes of the first season were actually directed by Lynch as far as i can tell.

It's unfortunate that he will not be doing it but i don't see why this can't still be good without Lynch directing it. Let's just hope that the actors will stay on board without him.

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Since Melee i've really wanted Jack from the original Harvest Moon to be included. I did send in the suggestion but i doubt enough people care about him. And besides, he would probably end up too similar to the villager.

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I really do want that documentary, and the steelcase looks nice. But i hate that there's middleground between the collector's edition and Day one. Why not just scale back the collector's edition a bit to include the fancy packaging and documentary + some DLC and call it a limited edition, because for as much as i love MGS i don't want to pay extra for figurines that will only take up space and collect dust.

I like how Fromsoft is doing it with Bloodborne. You get the art book, soundtrack and a nice case to fit it all in. And they have the bigger version too with some extras for anyone who wants that.

But yeah, the first of September. Can't wait!

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Broken images everywhere!

I hope there's some sort of MGO beta.

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I'm a premium member. That's it.

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No, not quite yet at least. I want to see some more gameplay before i make up my mind about buying it at all.