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I really do want that documentary, and the steelcase looks nice. But i hate that there's middleground between the collector's edition and Day one. Why not just scale back the collector's edition a bit to include the fancy packaging and documentary + some DLC and call it a limited edition, because for as much as i love MGS i don't want to pay extra for figurines that will only take up space and collect dust.

I like how Fromsoft is doing it with Bloodborne. You get the art book, soundtrack and a nice case to fit it all in. And they have the bigger version too with some extras for anyone who wants that.

But yeah, the first of September. Can't wait!

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Broken images everywhere!

I hope there's some sort of MGO beta.

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I'm a premium member. That's it.

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No, not quite yet at least. I want to see some more gameplay before i make up my mind about buying it at all.

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@secondpersonshooter: Except for when he stabs people with knifes or lights them on fire with a modified lighter, or shoots people. He's a saint.

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This is fucking great, amazing! I thought this would never happen. It's a shame that there won't be a physical copy though. But i'm just happy we'll get it at all.

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Jesus christ, it actually happened. Yakuza 5! FUCK YES.

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I love it. I was worried it wouldn't really be anything like MGO2 but it looks like they've got the traps, the customization and the SoP system in there with larger and more open maps. Also the guy to the right of snake at the start of the video looks awesome!

Let's hope Team Sneaking returns.

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Shenmue I and II. I would do anything to just get an HD overhaul of these games, only to show the series some support and eventually, maybe, if miracles do happen, get another sequel.

Tombi! Who wouldn't want to wrestle pigs in glorious HD?

I would also like to see a real remake of Yakuza 1 and 2 using the Yakuza 5 engine. I'd love to replay both but all the loading times between battles and the fixed camera perspective while exploring the city is rough.
But even if that was to happen i doubt SEGA would even consider translating it.