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I will keep going with discs as long as i can. The reason for this is that i don't really have that fast of an internet connection and it would take forever to download a 50GB game and also because i don't feel like paying 600 SEK for a digital copy when i can get it from internet stores for 400 instead.

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Yes! I Pre-ordered right after they lowered the price for the next-gen versions. I can't wait!

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@oldirtybearon: Yeah, it's just another game in a long line of developers copping out of actually finishing their stories properly.

I guess i was expecting more since i really liked the story and ending of the first LoS and with this being the conclusion to the series i wanted something bigger and more satisfying than Dracula suddenly changing his mind at the very end.

It started out really great. The paladin fight, using his arrows to shoot out the rivets etc was a good balance of variation, even the climbing section on the siege machine thing was fun. Timing the cogs while dodging the paladins arrows and the "That's why god cannot destroy me" cutscene was fucking great. I completed the game just yesterday but nothing besides that part really stuck with me during the 14 hours or so it took to complete.

The fighting was fun but they should have made some more puzzles instead of the stealth sections. I would choose the first LoS over this any day but all in all i feel that It still is a decent game.

EDIT: Oh and also, the music was GREAT and the various memorials describing part of the city, events and lore like it was part of some kind of tourist route was fantastic.

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@yakov456 said:

My heart wants to think Shenmue 3, my brain is thinking Uncharted.

You and me both brother. Words can't describe how much i want Shenmue 3.

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@saft said:

So when is the podcast usually up on the site? I hope it isn't too long from now. Need something to listen to tomorrow while waiting for the bus!

Could be up in 10 minutes

Could be up in 8hours

Guess i'll just have to wait and see then. Thanks.

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So when is the podcast usually up on the site? I hope it isn't too long from now. Need something to listen to tomorrow while waiting for the bus!

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I do really like it, but at the same time i don't. I really like the shape of it and how it fits in your hand.

The L2 and R2 triggers is much improved. It doesn't feel as flimsy and the sticks texture and form keeps your thumbs from slipping off like they often did on the DS3. However, the biggest problem i have with this, and this is the same problem i had with the Xbox 360 controller is that the sticks are just too stiff, there's just no middle ground. I am either moving them too little or moving them way too much making it hard to aim.

Also the Options and Share buttons placement feels off, it isn't as natural as pressing the start button in the middle of the controller but maybe that's just because it's new and i'm not used to it.

I'm interested to see what they'll do with the touch pad too.

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Horse the Band - Desperate Living in '09.

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Looks interesting. But i liked the tone of the Oppenheimer teaser more.

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So many questions!