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Too much? Everything, well most of it, is archived on the site. This site. The site you just posted this thread on. Just because you can't watch it the very minute it goes up doesn't mean you can't enjoy it at a later date.

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Just thought i should share some happy news.

Showtime also confirmed this via their twitter:

Twin Peaks is a strange show. I finished it for the first time just last year and really liked it for it's strangeness and while i wasn't a fan of the cheesy mystery solving teen trio i did really like most of the other characters and hope to see them return in the new season.

While i thought it would have been possible without him i'm still very happy that he is returning to Twin Peaks with Mark Frost to do it proper. Will you be watching, GiantBomb?

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For as much as i dislike the Banjo games i just had to support this one. We need more variety in games today and a 3D platformer at that? I'm in.

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@teddie: Pretty much like all the Rare characters then.

I do like these better than most of their stuff though.

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I got 9431 on 1920x1080 Maximum settings.

Also, this gear looks pretty sweet.

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@sccdemir: I do think the Souls games are rather hard, just not as hard as people would like you to think. A good example of a game that i found incredibly hard is the original version of Devil May Cry 3, it was a long time ago i played it though.

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Most games that are made today are treating you like a five year old with ADHD. With checkpoints every 10 seconds and difficulty settings that mean that the hardest difficulty actually is the normal setting. No wonder people think the Souls games are hard.

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@probablytuna: You're probably right. But if that's the case, i don't really know to what effect they did it, because it just seems like regular stupid soap opera to me with no apparent parody what so ever. I don't know maybe i just don't get it.

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@lysergica33: It's very true that most of it was really bad soap opera crap. I feel like it was a product of its time.
Twin Peaks is remembered for those absurd episodes and i doubt they'll get away with the soap opera angle today. Also with Lynch and Frost writing all of the episodes i feel this might still be good without him directing.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that i think they know better than to make it as soapy today as it was back then.