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Holy shit, you're the goddamn best.

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Too busy peddling David Fincher movies on morning talk shows.

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I have the feeling this will blow over once Destiny comes out.

Word, we can all go back to being irrational assholes about actual video games and not all of the bullshit surrounding them.

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I think it looks great if you don't sit too close to the screen and I had a lot of fun playing it. I'm playing on 360. Yeah, there's kind of nothing on the new consoles right now

Yeah, aside from looking a bit muddier the 360 version holds up really damn well. The game is an absolute blast either way; went from apathetic as hell to planning on a day one purchase over the course of an afternoon.

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I don't know the first thing about F1 but I'm still irrationally stoked for this.

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Werner Herzog presents Everquest: The Motion Picture

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@mrlog said:

never stop being complete shit, giantbomb comments.

They're not bad all the time - just when someone is trying to have an adult conversation.

I'd characterize it more as "Grrrrr, I don't like having my viewpoints challenged. Can't we just get back to talking about the graphics on level 3?"

The worst part is it's not necessarily even about directly challenging or overturning their viewpoints; I guess the very act of acknowledging that someone feels differently about things than they do flips whole worldviews like some Fresh Prince shit.

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@sputty said:

All this kickstarter stuff is turning into a real shitshow

FTL was pretty rad.

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Patrick left out the most important part of his tweet: "Great actor, good man. The game will probably still be excellent. Like New Coke!"

Haha, damn. Yeah, that's not exactly "taking it in stride."