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I'm cool with any batman game made by rocksteady they proved it twice that they can make good batman games, I kinda want to know why Mark Hamil doesn't want to do the voice again, he's done it in so many games and TV shows. Why stop now?

I think it has more to do with him getting old and pseudo-retiring than anything else.

Or, it could be that he figured he was done with the role when they killed off the character.

Pretty sure he has mentioned in interviews that the Joker voice is really physically demanding for him, as well.

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Miyamoto will die within your lifetime

No, we'll take him upstate where he can have a great big farm to run around on and, and, chase rabbits and, you know, just have a good time.

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It's truly sad that the way the majority of players played is the worst part of the game and the sandbox is overlooked. Far Cry 2 is a terrible game IF you only did the story bits back to back and never just explored. I have a save towards the end that has everything unlocked/upgraded and every tape found. I load it up from time to time and just pick my weapons and go explore a random direction and just have fun. It's really the only first person shooter that lets you do that on such a big scale with so many weapons to use.

I probably won't even play Far Cry 3 if it doesn't let me ignore the story completely and play however I want with everything unlocked.

Totally. Far Cry 2 is very much like the Elder Scrolls games in that regard; it's infinitely more entertaining to explore the world and deal with emergent scenarios as they arise than it is to burn through the mediocre Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now main quest. It really is the sort of game that demands serious player investment before it gives you anything in return. That sort of game obviously isn't for everyone, and that's cool, but it disheartens me to see so many people dismiss it as another shithouse shooter.

Also, the more that gets revealed about Far Cry 3 the less enthusiastic I become. I wish C-Hock was still at Ubisoft. :(

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He's going to work with Fullbright Games?? Scandalous!

That would be incredible. Clint Hocking and Hot Scoops, BFFs.

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Man, Tekken. I look at it with the same disdain that I do the Sonic series

Jesus Christ, dude. I haven't played a Tekken game since, like, 3 and even I'm offended by that comparison.

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@Saganomics: I was unclear, I totally agree with it being okay to call out artists for making a product that the consumer finds terrible. Effort certainly isn't going to appease everyone, and I've found even my favorite writers/game designers have produced products leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

But It goes back to the fact that regardless of how you feel about it, it's still someone's creation, and hence deserves to be treated with respect to the fact that someone created this over many painstaking hours. It might be the worse thing you've ever experienced, but the creator should never be nagged to reach into their work of art and change things because the consumer disagrees with the way it was created.

Total agreement.

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Can we go back to the days when game makers didn't have voice.

Can we go back to the days the likes of you didn't have a voice?

Really? You think this type of rant actually stops the comments he recieves, or makes the games better? Give me the days when a developer had no line of communication with us at all other than the games they make any day. I wasn't rude about him, I actually see what he is saying... I just can't see the point in saying it. You however, are rude.

Yeah, god forbid we be reminded that these are actual human beings making this entertainment that we pick apart.

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I don't understand the consumer's need to control everything that comes their way. I personally look forward to anything new from games, music, books, etc. Will I like the directions some writers/game designers/musicians take their new creative endeavors to? Not always, there's certainly been times where my favorite musicians do a complete 180, and I find myself not so impressed, but the consumer should ALWAYS respect the creator's ability to create. The product they make is a reflection of what they want to share with the world, what they have spent weeks and months pouring over. I hold endless respect for people who can create on such an incredible level, and any consumer should as well. There should never be cries for changes to the way something is produced, but a level of respect for these people being gracious enough to take the time to bring their vision to life and share it with the world.

People are well within their rights to call out terrible art for being terrible, regardless of how much of the artist's heart and soul has been poured into it. You don't get an automatic A for effort. Any creative type worth their salt should be prepared for someone to hate on whatever they have made, often times for legitimate reasons.

I do, however, agree with you about this notion a lot of gamers have about every aspect of a game being tailor-made to withstand their ridiculous, spergy over-analysis. For how frequently gamers wail about these shitty time wasters being a valid form of art (and how dare Ebert say anything to the contrary), they seem incapable of acknowledging that the artist's vision is their vision, and sometimes the resulting piece of art will make the observer feel something a little more challenging/uncomfortable than a general sense of good vibes, punctuated by the occasional mumbling of "That was a pretty sick cutscene".

Props to this dude for calling out the idiocy of people pissing and moaning about the voice acting in a goddamned fighting game.

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Yeah we get it, it's a terrible deal for most people. But maybe try writing with less snark once and a while.

What are you talking about?

No kidding. Calling Alex out for "snark" is as tired as cracks about Patrick's age/hair/whatever the fuck else the chodes around here deem offensive to their sensibilities. There isn't a single thing anywhere in this news post that should upset anyone. What a bunch of babies.