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Here are detail's from the GI article.

Yo, if the details in that thread are legit than I'm throwing in with the "no fucks to give about this" camp. There is absolutely nothing there to distinguish Elder Scrolls Online from every other current shithouse MMO minus the rad lore, which is already apparently getting (surprise, surprise) retconned like whoa. Ain't no self-respecting Dunmer gonna ally with some Argonians.

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I am so happy that the Giant Bomb dot com user base is not in control of what games get made you are all horrible.B=============D~~~~~ Lebron Paul 2012

I'm with this dude.

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god dammit, fucking hate this news, part of the appeal for me of the other games is how skyrim was big like an mmo, but was free to play,

then again no words on the pricing, so maybe it will be freemium, or monthly or guild wars free

While i agree to some extent..,, this is nothing but good news.. i dont see why you hate it, you dont have to play it.

and this wont hinder TES6 or any future skyrim DLC from being made as ZeniMax Online is developing the MMO not bethesda.

stop making sense

Except for the good fiction will be replaced by crappy fiction and retcons.

My uncle works for Nintendo Bethesda and he said that Todd Howard stormed into the office one morning and demanded that they turn Vvardenfell into a deciduous forest. Then he threw one of those little pewter Ordinator tchotchkes into a garbage can and screamed like a Klingon.

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As a big fan of the Elder Scrolls series ever since Daggerfall, I'm not really a fan in "that way". You know the way, the one that makes you a gibbering fanboy who hates change or any installment of the series that's in a different genre. I'll reserve judgement on this game until I actually see it with my own eyes. It might become a really good MMO, who knows? Who cares if it isn't "true" to the "elder scrolls way"? They've done big departures to the formula before, like in Redguard and Battlespire.

Redguard owned and adventure games are (sort of) back, I like to think that deep in his heart Todd Howard knows what needs to be done.

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RIP Elder Scrolls.

I said this when Morrowind came out. And then Oblivion. And again for Skyrim. Maybe you should be cool like me and learn not to prejudge shit, especially when there is literally nothing more than a name for you to base your opinion on.

(Oblivion actually was pretty bad, though.)

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The more I think about it, the more I think Bethesda should go with a more Minecraft system where going full on MMO seems more and more a bad idea the longer I consider it.

A make your own fun, sandbox style MMO is probably the best fit for the series. Building homes, roleplaying NPC's and all that. If they're trying to hook players in with the tried and true quest/loot/level/grind system and archetype classes, they're taking the easy way out. That shit is just naturally addictive, not good game design.

Hrrrm, yes. The whole time I was wandering around Maar Gan in Morrowind, I couldn't help thinking, "Fuck, I wish I could be the dude responsible for hollowing out all of the giant bug carcasses these fools are living in. That would be way more rad than exploring tombs."

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For real though, I walked past the shelf with that Dwemer Puzzle Box on it like four times.

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An MMO seems like a super obvious direction to take the franchise, and Nirn is a huge setting with tons of interesting locations and shit hinted at in the lore, but I sincerely hope this doesn't mean the end of single player TES games.

I'm that dude who is super bitter that we're seemingly never going to get Warcraft 4 thanks to the success of WoW.

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I used to like MMO's, then I took a look in the mirror.

Same. :(

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I stopped because of the terrible framerate drops on the PS3, is it safe to go back now?

The PS3 is much much better now because of the patches. It's still a Bethesda game so it will have problems here and there, which the Xbox has also, but it is easily much more playable now!

I think the PS3 version is still very broken. I have all versions in my house. My roommate plays the PS3 copy, and I watch her play pretty often. Anyways, after the latest patch on PS3 EVERYTIME, every single time she goes into any water the game freezes and requires her to shut off the system. I told her that starting over would probably fix it, since the save she was playing was still from release. She started over and the first time she jumps into the water (in whatever that first town is) the game crashes the system.

Before that update I honestly didn't see anything with the PS3 version that would make it unplayable, but now... I wouldn't even play it if that was my only choice. (Which thank god its not)

Anyways my two cents on the issue. Obviously the problem isn't that widespread or I would have heard about it elsewhere, but anyone assuming the PS3 version is all "fixed" up is sadly wrong :( I think they've backtracked.

Have your friend delete her game install data (not her actual character save data) and reinstall and patch it back up. The hard lock on entering water thing is a common issue with the latest patch, but this fixes it for most people.

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Worst news of the year so far.

And we've still got like eight months left, which is probably just enough time to squeeze in the demise of both Obsidian Entertainment and THQ.

Fuck this dumb earth. :(