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In our latest episode we return! We cover a ton of content starting with what happened with the podcast, personal updates, the September 12th patch 1.23b notes, FFXIV Servers Closing, and Schedule of Operation Procedure articles in Equipment Breaking News. In Community Service we talk about FFXIV Alpha Registration, Retailers Destroying Remaining FFXIV Copies, FFXIV A Realm Reborn Pre-Orders on Amazon, and Discontinued Content in FFXIV A Realm Reborn. Then in Meat & Potatoes we go over the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Talk Show Event and Letter from the Producer LIVE Part III. We also read our Five Star Review Feedback!

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@DetectiveSpecial said:
" What I don't understand is why you are trying to sell this device on a website consisting of people who already own and use superior technology?"
I'm not trying to sell anything to anyone, this blog post was to clear up misconceptions about OnLive and thats about it.
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@Guspaz said:

" I tried OnLive tonight. I'm in Montreal, so I'm pretty close to the nearest OnLive datacenter. I've only tried one game, UT3. I have two impressions to share: 
1) Latency is way lower than I expected. I've seen more input latency on native games. Crysis Warhead (native) seems to have about as much input lag as UT3 (OnLive) 
2) OnLive's video quality is so bad in high-motion that UT3 is unplayable. It's *REALLY* bad. 

First off I'm glad you gave it a try! Looking at your screenshot is strange because I don't really have the same experience as you.  One thing to keep in mind is OnLive has two streams, a gaming stream and a media stream. The Media stream is for the Arena and Brag Clips and plays back full frames, while the Gaming Stream is optimized to look crisp and clear while in motion and not in a screenshot.  It's a bit frustrating that OnLive works differently for different people, but here's the experience I had. 
  @WilliamRLBaker said:
" went from 10 users to like 30?

 Actually it went from 14,000 to 350,000.
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@Afroman269 said:

" Also not surprised at the people calling you a shill, because that's the vibe I get from most of your blogs. Oh well, who cares? Power to you. "

I write about OnLive a lot because its what I'm into and its not really given a lot of attention in the media, maybe because people have no interest. I could write a blog post about the new Tomb Raider stuff, but majority of it is already covered and it'd be pretty pointless to expect people to read it. I just try to post things people might not know about, though I could just post my opinion about things though again I don't think people would be interested in reading it. I really like doing videos and such, but I'll figure out something to diversify my blog and posts.
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I loved playing Tomb Raider 2 back in the day, and just recently started playing Tomb Raider Underworld. I really miss the Tomb Raider gameplay, but the character they made Lara Croft into really didn't interest me. I have a feeling we'll see a more 'every man' character similar to Nathan Drake from Uncharted, and I actually think it'll be for the better. She needs flaws.

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@SathingtonWaltz said:
" @Saieno: Yeah, I hope that OnLive continues being successful and pushes the industry forward. I feel like I am rooting for the underdog, since practically everyone on this site assumed it would be a miserable failure. Hell, I'm still hesitant to throw down and go for the micro-console. "
I was playing some Unreal Tournament 3 today and thought I would do a latency test of sorts. I have my hand and the game being recorded at the same time, then I spectate two of my friends that are playing Unreal Tournament 3 as well. You can really see how low the latency is and it also demonstrates the zero latency multiplayer. 
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@MB said:
" @tsolless said:
" Ugh. You do realize that gold plating makes absolutely no difference on an HDMI cable, right? It's a digital signal. "
I hope he was kidding with the "not gold plated" comment. No one should ever spend more than three or four bucks on a 6' HDMI cable from Monoprice. "
Yeah it was a joke. Everything else was really high-quality, so it was just a sarcastic remark almost expecting it to be gold.
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@SathingtonWaltz said:
" @Saieno: Thats interesting, are you saying that the free trials generally run worse than when you actually own the game? "
That's what I've noticed. Usually free trials are a bit more choppy and blurry, with input lag more apparent as well. When you buy a play pass, be it a rental or a full, I and my friends at least noticed a difference in how it looked and performed. Its a slight difference, like you can see its clearer and feel that its quicker, smoother, and your input is more exact.  
@Jack268 said:
"But what happens if this service doesn't catch on and they go out of business? Do people who have spent their money to "own" their games just lose them?"
That's a very valid worry, and I honestly can't answer it. If its something you're worried about, then I would just play demos and rent until you feel the service gets to a point where you're comfortable with it. From June to the end of October they had 2,000,000 logins, which averages to about 14,000 concurrent users. With such meager numbers they were able to drop the proposed monthly fee, give away free games and micro-consoles to founding members, and launch the PlayPack service as well. From the announcement of the Micro-Console on November 17th to December 1st, there were 5,000,000 logins, which equates to a little more than 350,000 concurrent users. OnLive sold out of initial Micro-Consoles, and many have to wait until next weak for more to be shipped. 
Needless to say, I'm not really worried.
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@Cameron said:
" I gave it a try last night. I played some Dirt 2 and there is noticeable input lag. It's not terrible, it's just not as good as playing on a local machine. It wouldn't be a problem in a slower game, but I can't imagine it would work well for shooters and other fast paced games, as it was certainly noticeable in Dirt 2. "
There is some input lag that you adjust to, but once I got the Micro-Console my timing for Dirt 2 was all off. Apparently the controller on the micro-console has lower latency than an Xbox 360 controller on PC client, I think they said the wireless controller is measured in mirco-seconds instead of milliseconds. Dirt and the Colin McRae Rally Series are probably some of my favorite games, and every time I play I always get a bunch of spectators haha. I just wish they would make Dirt 2 available for purchase, because I think how they handle resources differs between buying and trying a game. Basically a bunch of my friends and I were playing the UT3 demo for a couple days before we all just decided to buy it. When we did, we noticed a very obvious jump in clarity, smoothness, and overall performance. I didn't include it in the review because I can't really confirm it, but when you and six other friends all experience the same difference its not a bad assumption.
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@face15 said:
" When's this OnLive business coming to Australia? "
I have no idea. I think they are focusing on UK at the moment.