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Vanguard Review - 2010 - In it to win it? 2

 Let's get the obvious out of the way, Vanguard had a horrible history and a horrible launch. However, much is changing for what many consider the spiritual successor to the original EverQuest. The community is fighting back to make sure their favorite game is noticed by those who blindly call Vanguard a 'broken and bug-littered game'. Efforts like and articles on help promote Vanguard in a positive community effort. With new features added since launch, ...

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Terminator Salvation Review - Someone save me from the suck! 0

  Terminator Salvation is a third person shooter based on the film of the same name, but seems to be influenced by Gears of War more than the film itself. The game is developed by Halcyon Games and GRIN, who also released a re-envisioned Bionic Commando on the same day as Terminator Salvation. The game takes place between Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation, following John Conner and his team through a Skynet controlled war zone. John Conner was played by Christan Bale in...

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AION: Tower of Eternity - Chinese Release Review 1

NCSoft is a company you either love or hate, and for the most part I'm not a fan of NCSoft. They certainly take chances with some of the MMOs they publish, but there are more disappointments than treasures. Lineage was the first game released by NCSoft in 1998, and was a great game at the time. When Lineage II released in 2004, it felt like the series had taken two steps backwards. Set 150 years before Lineage and sporting impressive 3D graphics, the character creation and gameplay were both jus...

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A free MMORPG that has potential to easily compete with WoW. 0

Runes of Magic is a free to play MMORPG that has the potential to easily compete with subscription based games like World of Warcraft. With the quality of its content, amazing list of features, and steady implementation of new content and patches, Runes of Magic is not an experience to be missed. Anyone willing to shrug Runes of Magic off purely because it's free to play, will be missing out on one of the best MMORPG experiences ever created. Perfect World International was an impressive free to...

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