Anarchy Online players

Recently re-activated my account!  I have the Notum Wars, Shadowlands, Alien Invasion, and Lost Eden expansions.  If you want to play me, just leave a comment (since I have many characters, it'd be hard to send me a tell and I not get it in a while).  I mostly play on RK 1, my highest is a level 92 Adv.  But I'd be willing to make a character on RK 2. 


Tekken 6: Leo's Gender

Leo is the best character EVER.  Fun to play, extremely cute, unique clothes....even the name "Leo" is awesome!

There are some pictures of Leo.  No one can agree whether Leo is a guy or a girl.  So of course I have to rub my fat nose all in it.  I wouldn't mind if Leo was either one (It wouldn't ruin my world) but I would prefer Leo as a girl, and I think Leo is.  (please note: I'm not bringing the offical website into this.  As it changes from girl to boy depending on the language you pick.  Namco says it's a secret.  In-game, it keeps Leo's terms neutral, without saying she or he)  

Girl: Girly hair-do's (like pulled back)
Girl: Choker option (girl only item)
Girl: Soft voice
Girl: Weird looking chest
Girl: Feminine eyes (especially in Leo's ending cinematic)
Girl: Hourglass Shape
Girl: Kayuza refers to Leo as a girl
Girl: Cannot be shirtless
Boy: Can use sledgehammer (boy only item)
Boy: In the arcades, there is an achievement for defeating "100 Tekken Girls" Leo is not one of them.  
Boy: Using male defeat poses
Boy: Headbutts instead of slaps
Boy: Has bulge in certain pants

- Lei has/can have "girly" hairdo's as well.  (Along with Hwoarang and other characters with it pulled back)
- The mixed item options are there to confuse us.
- Boys can have soft voices too.
- Umm...can't counter that really.  Leo would have to have a huge figure to have pecks that big, and Leo doesn't.  Breast bound maybe? (really poorly?)
- Boys can have girly eyes too
- I can't think of a way to counter that.
- Could be an insult or Kazuya doesn't know either
- Some males characters (Lei, Bob) can't be shirtless either.
- Already covered
- Probably was like that to confuse people.
- Girls can be strong too.
- Girls can be strong too.
- Could be packed.

I can't really think of another way to counter Leo's chest.  Looks like breasts to me.  Another screen Girly hair: (keep Lei in mind)  I can't find a picture of Leo's bulge, but it only appears in knight pants (if that makes a difference)

I think it comes down to personal preference.  Namco will never tell us so we'll be arguing until the end of time.  I don't see why every single girl has to look like  Leo is just adorable, boy or girl.