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True English Gentleman,

Been on this planet for 20 years now, been a avid gamer for most of my life but truly fell in love with the medium when I was given a Sega Megadrive for Christmas with Fifa 96. Also been an Aston Villa Football Club fan since I can remember and love football. Sadly don't get to play a great deal due to having rheumatoid Arthiritis, which was diagnosed when I was 11. Though I suspect I've had it for most of my breathing life. Because of this, games have played a large part of my life so far and although I probably don't know as much as most on here, I know enough to appriate Gaming as a medium and I like to have my views heard in my blogs. I'm not a fanboy of any console at the moment, own all three of the big named consoles and also both of the two main portable consoles, though I still have a deep interest in PC Gaming and built my first custom PC a year back which I was proud of doing. If I have ever been a fanboy of any sorts, it would be with the Sega Megadrive. At the time I didn't see the point in playing a fat plumber when I could play as a cool speedy hedgehog, its just sad that Sega have gone so downhill since then. Have huge respect for Game Developers and my dream job would be to get into the Game Media.

Not sure what else is woth mentioning, not exactly and interesting chap to be honest....

True English Gent!