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Platinum isn't too difficult. You can't miss any trophies and you can continue the game after finishing it to mop up whatever trophies are left. A few of the trophies are associated with, IMO, some of the hardest fights in the game though (but that's not saying much), but it's definitely doable.

Just takes time but not a lot. I platinum'd it in under 15 hours.

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US release is now June 12.

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@DonutFever said:

What do spend more time doing in it, fighting or platforming?

You definitely do more "platforming" than fighting. Quite a few story chapters are almost 80-90% navigation and platforming, with a little fighting in between.

There are a few pretty "big" battles later in the game, but it's not a common occurrence.

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Do you think this game will be well received when it arrives in North America?

I'm pretty sure it will be, and I will be extremely saddened if it isn't. For $39.99, there's a lengthy story mode, fun game-play, good controls with touch-screen and tilt features that don't feel forced, and a new universe that I feel is really worth experiencing.

If there's a Western game Gravity Daze will probably be compared to, it will be some super-hero game like Infamous; enjoyable powers, flying around cities, fighting monsters, and even the beeps that start up when you're about to run out of power really make one feel like a super-hero.

I put up some videos on YouTube of some of the challenges if anyone is interested. The video and audio is low quality, but it's the best I could do with a webcam and YouTube's recording feature. D:

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Took me 12 hours to finish the story while doing some challenges along the way. Almost 17 hours to platinum.

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Hi guys, I finished Gravity Daze last night and got the platinum trophy. If you have any questions to help with the wait until release, I'll try to answer them as best I can. I didn't really understand the story though so mostly gameplay questions please. :D