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Soul Sacrifice's fast-paced gameplay provides a refreshing take on the monster hunting formula. 0

While Soul Sacrifice draws frequent comparisons to the Monster Hunter franchise for its focus on defeating large monsters with up to three other companions, Soul Sacrifice opts for much faster arcade-like gameplay while simplifying item drops and minimizing grinding. The addictive "just one more" nature of quests keeps the ride refreshing and fun the whole way through. The fate of monsters in multiplayer is determined by the majority. Every monster defeated in Soul Sacrifice can be disposed of i...

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An enjoyable 3D action game marred by frame rate and presentation issues. 0

Ninja Gaiden Σ2+ is a difficult game to recommend. A mostly playable and entertaining 3D action game on the Vita is always welcome. On the other hand, frame rate issues hinder the fluidity of combat and responsiveness of the controls, both expected staples of any respectable action game. Those who do brave the technical missteps of Team NINJA's port of a port will find a 10 hour single player story and many hours of extra content.The single player story of Σ2+ revolves around protagonist Ryu Hay...

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Gravity Daze - Import Review 0

Kat is accompanied by her gravity-powered cat, Dusty.The game follows the story of a young amnesiac named Kat, who awakens in a world known as Auldnoir. She is accompanied by a cat named Dusty, the source of her gravity powers. While the first few hours have Kat aiding citizens in menial tasks such as collecting balloons a child accidentally let go of, the story eventually develops into something much bigger. Even without understanding the dialogue, I often found myself wanting to know what happ...

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