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hey everyone, NNID is SaltyDoughnut

feel free to add me for MH3U and any other cool game that comes along.

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thanks, fantastic stuff guys

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Hey, my premium subscription ended recently (I plan on re-subscribing eventually), and I realized that when I was a premium member, I would only look through the archived premium content when I was looking for a good time.

Now that I have realized my foolish ways, what are your favorite pieces of GB content that are open to all?

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so youtube is gonna have us covered?

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Can anyone confirm this for me?


(I know that the Pax East Panel was recorded and I was wondering if this one would be too)

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yes they do. it's just the theater that doesn't seem to be hosting any content....

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How does one go about changing to their ISP's DNS?

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Furthermore I do not have Adblock but I do have Norton Security and the problem still persists when I disable Norton

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Hello - I have been having a problem with the HTML 5 theater mode for months now. When I load it up or try to open up anything in it, nothing is displayed - it is merely black with play prompts and playlist prompts across the bottom. I have tried it in the newest versions of Safari and Chrome on both my desktop and on my laptop and the problem persists across each permutation.

Please help - HTML theater mode was my favorite thing about the premium membership and I am really anxious to be able to use it again.

Has anyone else had this problem?


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yeah i'd say pickup ps plus and whatever few games were egging you to get a ps3 and you'll be set till the next gen.

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