A summer challenge

This summer I plan to game as much as is possible without causing myself to develop a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome from the controller and migraines from starring at a television screen for too long. Although, milder effects may occur. As is, I want to keep a compendium of the games I've played thus far and shall be adding to said list as the Summer progresses and I beat more and more games. How many of these have you played?

List items

Posted by DanielJW

If you get Limbo I'm commandeering your Xbox.  
Let this be your official warning. 

Posted by sam_i_am
@DanielJW: Or you could come over... You know, whichever's easiest
Posted by MetalGearSunny

Limbo looks pretty neat, I'll probably get that as well. As for the over-all list, I've beaten five games that are on there, Red Dead, Borderlands, Heavy Rain, and AC2. And I'm just gonna say it, Borderlands has a rather anti-climatic ending. But those spider-ant things scare that living shit out of me!

Posted by sam_i_am
@Metal_Gear_Sunny: Ive heard the ending to Boarderlands is kinda bad, but I don't mind the gameplay so it's not an entire waste of my time.