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I just voted for myself. YEAH, I WENT THERE.

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Hi everyone! Samantha here, dropping in to share the latest gameplay trailer for Sentris. I opted to share raw, unedited gameplay so everyone can see and hear how the game is played. It's not exactly a sizzle reel so it might not be as exciting as typical game trailers. It was super important to me to be honest about the experience, and the state of the game right now. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for continuing to have me as part of this awesome community! Hope to see some of you at PAX later this month :)


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Oh wow, thank you guys! Really, I'm just happy to talk about what I'm doing with people who love games. Everyone has such a different perspective from me, I want to engage with everyone and learn. I want to be totally open about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

Anyone who has a question for me about the game, or anything really, feel free to ask and I'll chime in :-)

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That's the one! Down the road I would love to teach music theory and help people cross the bridge to becoming real-life musicians. First, I need to make sure Sentris is a great game that lets people create unique songs. Nobody has made a game that enables people to make their own music before. There are plenty of tools that do this, but I don't want to make a tool! I feel really good about where it's landed by now, the design is solid and play-tested with good results. Just need to keep building on what I have and making it even better.

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Hi all, I'm Samantha and I've been GB reader & viewer for a long time. Some of you may remember me from my interview with Patrick (beep beep!) about games for everyone. Well, I've been working on a game called Sentris which is a musical puzzle game and enables everyone to make their own music. I want to tell all of you about the game, but I want to be mindful of etiquette! I am not here to advertise or be shamelessly self-promotional. I just think the Giant Bomb community would be interested in the game. It's really experimental, and doing something new with music games. I launched a kickstarter for it yesterday and it's doing really well. Do you want me to share that link, or is that going too far? Should I create my own wiki page for Sentris, or is that also too self-promotional? Please help me play nicely in the community! Thanks!

Sentris Kickstarter page