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We can do this :)

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@excast: Totally, seemed odd to add that even if they did.

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Looking forward to it and dreading it equally. I really want to know how the guys are doing past the obvious. I just want to hear them again after all this shit, you know...

I feel the exact same way

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I'm waiting by listening to Random Access Memories on vinyl, which I bought last week pretty much solely due to Ryan and his comments on it. The album is so bittersweet now. I seems somehow perfectly fitting that his memory is now forever linked in my mind to such a fun, energetic album.

The sadness of this song is fitting. I like most of the songs on the album, but this one seems fitting right now.

What were his comments on the album?

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@anonymgeist said:

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone here in the GB community. Feels like I've lost my dearest friend, and it helps ease the pain to share in the experience with others.


Its crazy how much these guys mean to us, and most of us have never actually met them. Awesome community guys!

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Yeah it will. Jeff does a good job hosting when Ryan is out, but this time it will definitely be different

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Is anyone else having a hard time listening or watching old stuff with Ryan in it? Hopefully it will get easier, but man it hurts.

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Wait a minute!  I could be wrong,  but doesn't LA Convention center look an awful lot like Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow?