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Toonami used to aired a lot of great promos back in the day, my favorite one had to be "Broken Promises,(Dreams)

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Any anime fans remember Toonami? if so then you may of remember that it was the block on Cartoon Network that aired plenty of great animes back in the day such as: Tenchi Muyo,Outlaw Star,Gundam Wing,DragonBall, and the most famous one of all, DragonBall Z, Toonami went on for about 11 years, and it ended a couple of weeks ago, I didn't know about that until now, I saw the ended on youtube and the host of the block TOM(voice over by Steve Blum of Cowboy Bebop fame) said the last words that Spike said in the ending of Cowboy Bebop, "Bang".

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Discorsi said:
"How unawesome :(SamChamploo said:
"I am laid back but when I am uptight motha fuckas always have a problem with me, and I am sick of it.
How unawesome :("
Perfect  example of a uptight motha fucka.
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I am laid back but when I am uptight motha fuckas always have a problem with me, and I am sick of it.
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When you try to have fun on GiantBomb like when you post something funny or act a little crazy sometimes there will be some sort of a uptight no sense of humor dickhead user bitching about how what your doing is not fun or funny at all, but you know what? fuck you, am just a laid back person who enjoys life in my own way, and also am not really doing anything wrong to this web site, and like I said, fuck you uptight people.
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Yep its back, and its been rename, what makes your username so bad ass? tell me and I'll edit this post later to annouced the 1st,2nd and 3rd place winner.
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Hell yeah motha fucka, there are a lot of uptigh people bitches on GB, they need to smoke a blunt once in a while.
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You just wasted my time, you earn a fuck you.
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MattyFTM said:
"Vinny. Or Jeff. Or Vinny. Or Jeff. Or Vinny. Or Jeff. I can't decide."
I like Jeff but go with Vinny.