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Fuck... actually in tears right now.

With the way Giant Bomb operates, it really does feel like I've lost somebody I've known for the passed 5 years. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of hearing his voice...

I've got quite a few Bombcasts to catch up on, it's going to be really weird hearing them now knowing this news.

Thank you Ryan for keeping me entertained for the last 5 years. You'll be massively missed.

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Mass Effect 2. One of my favourite games ever.

I liked Mass Effect 1 a whole lot too.

Don't get me started on 3... the ending was just one of many issues I have with that game.

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Unless I'm seriously tight on money when my subscription runs out, I'll resub.

I expect the content to start picking up eventually.

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Been here since the day the site launched, +during Giant Bomb's blog phase.

So like pretty much everybody else it seems, lul.

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  • Persona 4
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2 would make up my top 5.

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I love everything about the Bombcast. All of it.

So, guest appearances. I mean even this week, being a Will Smith fan, I'm not looking forward to him being on the Bombcast. It's perfect the way it is with the regular crew.

The absolute worst scenario is when Vinny or Jeff's place on the Bombcast is being taken up by a guest. Urgh.

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Nothing major, just improvements on the existing gameplay.

Make maxing out social links more meaningful. Like it's ironic how as soon as you're best buds with somebody, you never again actually hang out with them, nor is it mentioned ever.

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I really disliked The Answer. The ending of Persona 3 was so good, I felt where they went with The Answer spoiled it. I'd advise people to avoid it.

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I hope it's ported over. It's the only Vita game I want.

Worse case scenario would be buying a Vita and selling it afterwards. Or pray someone I know gets a Vita and is nice enough to let me borrow it.

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I'm not as keen on this using P3 and P4 characters again for P5 idea that y'all seem to be. I'd much rather a new location with a new set of characters. I've already spent about two hundred plus hours with the likes of Chie and Mitsuru. Bring on an entire new cast. I haven't played P4A yet though, maybe that'll change my opinion.

Thank god for some Persona 5 news, though. Still can't see us getting it until 2014, but it's nice to hear something.