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My ears.

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This sounds like selling out of the highest regard. Facebook flashed them money and, in the wake of competition, they ran out of the business. Nobody here seriously thinks Facebook is going to pursue high quality VR games, do you?

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There are some times that twitch is the funniest thing in the world.

Saltybets was one of those times. This is another.

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The thing that I hate about these battles is the goonswarm always wins, by virtue of just having the most warm bodies.

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I agree with the OP that they saying there are "No games" when there are games all over the place is a bit silly. They just aren't covering the games that are being released.

I'm not going to kick down their door and demand the QL rune factory (Though I'd love it if they did) but it is disappointing to see them not touching so many games. I'm starting to take Brad's complaint about DOTA 2 ruining him more seriously.

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Maybe the mods can address size issues? And did they ever fix pathing?

I dunno, maybe years after the release, EA and the community can fix the game?

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It's not a ploy, it's a a false choice designed to bring attention to your lack of REAL choice.

But then I'm getting into deeper spoiler territory here.

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I know this is just me being too much an attention to detail, but I think it's funny Klepek lifted two Wrath of the Lich King screenshots for a game that will most likely have nothing to do with it, and is also an expansion from 3 or 4 years ago.

Then again I guess he might not know that since he's never played!

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Are they going to make me buy a PS3 to play this? I bought a PS2 (My old one had broken years ago) to play Persona 4....

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I love Jeff Green as much as the next guy, but you can't just recommend every awesome personality in games media get a job at Giantbomb when they're available.