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No idea if the netcode is any good between the UK and USA, but feel free to add me anyway.

PSN: sameoldstuff

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Console: 360

Gamertag: sameoldstuff

Skill Level: Beginner+

Region: UK (GMT Time)

As @mwng said in his post, there's a community tag at "GB P4Arena" if anyone would like a convenient method of messaging duders in game/saving friend list space.

I can also record/upload replays if given enough notice.

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Got my key within 5 minutes of ordering it, thanks for the heads up.

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@EvilKatarn:Continuum Shift had 6 months of pushed back release dates. Calamity Trigger was without a publisher for a good year or so before Zen picked it up if I remember rightly.

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Just posting to say that the community gamer tag is on the 360 and not PSN as it says in the OP.

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@EvilKatarn: I'd assume that Zen will be doing a 'Super Special Limited Edition' since they pretty much have done for all their previous releases. As for a normal limited edition, most of the online retailers don't seem to have anything listed beyond the game itself.

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So I went ahead and created a tag since the US release is a bit closer than I expected. If anyone wants to add "GB P4Arena" (minus the quotes) and I'll try accept requests in a timely manner.

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System: 360

Gamertag: sameoldstuff

Skill Level: Beginner (but with a bit of experience with ArcSys fighters)

Time: GMT, most evenings/nights.

Also, I was thinking of creating a community gamertag (similar to the BlazBlue one) to make things a bit more convenient in terms of messaging/inviting other players for matches. Anyone else think it's a good idea?

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@Animasta: Well, Zen can't really lose sales to people buying the American version now, good for them I guess.

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Sending a request in.

360 Gamertag: sameoldstuff