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@vincentvendetta: the amount of times I have heard Patrick klepek reference that joke has to be in at least the dozens

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Someones getting fired...

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Pretty awesome! The burnout joke fell flat for me, but the rest was great! 9/10!!!

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Doesn't bother me as an Australian. The rewards over here were absolute garbage.

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Hey Panda Bear,

Fox FM, 2Day FM etc are all using this logo.

The Adelaide one recently had it's name changed hence why you havent heard of it.

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So the major Commercial Radio station in Australia just changed it's logo to this hotdog like creation.

Personally I think this logo is an abortion, but I am not a graphic designer and don't know why i find it so unappealing.

Is there a way that this logo could be improved?

What makes a logo good or bad?

Do any games have particularly horrendous Logos? (Resident Evil 6 come to mind)

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Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

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80 Days


Crossy Road

Desert Golfing

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Don't really have one but expect a large amount of "feedback" related stuff.

You asked, we listened and all that.

Ubi, EA, Acti, 343 all will do this big time.