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+Awesome Art Style

-Boring Gameplay

The Beatles: Rock Band

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@buneroid: You can probably get the first version for cheaper nowadays.

I own both on Steam and I think the first went on a steam sale at some point.

If you have a guitar already its a good pruchase. Considering its effectively the cost of one guitar lesson.

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Nice one

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X) Moderator Edit - I consider this a spoiler. Not cool!

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oh man, poor squarespace.

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@roborobb: guessing you didnt go through with it?

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Anyone who thinks this system will be dead in two years spends too much time on the internet...

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Anybody who abuses a support account is an immature dick.

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People who abuse these xbox support accounts are immature and petty.

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quarter to three gave halo 4 a 2/10