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80 Days


Crossy Road

Desert Golfing

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Don't really have one but expect a large amount of "feedback" related stuff.

You asked, we listened and all that.

Ubi, EA, Acti, 343 all will do this big time.

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I feel like last year his thing about GTA V might be the reason he isn't on this year.

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fuck no

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Ralph Baer will unfortunately pass, as we lose the father of video games.

Holy shitballs....

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The song is not that bad, but this video is fucking awful.

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also patrick. because nostalgia

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@tuxfool: I agree, inserting polygons would be odd.

Hence why for some reason i was expecting a full remake.

The way this was announced at E3 made me think it was a megaton.

But am I missing something, it's a port with improved lighting and textures right?

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I don't know about you guys and maybe I was being a bit ambitious. But I assumed this was going to be a from the ground up remake of the game.

Instead it appears that it's more of a port with advanced lighting etc.

Anyone else have the same misconception?

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^^^Here is the new gameplay to show what I mean^^^

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So nice to see a list without a bunch of unknown indie anime games.