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h: Fishy Frillhawk (Rare)

Strange Hammer of Enlightenment (Uncommon)

Sylnashar the Winged Axe (Rare)

Strange Stormthrasher (Rare)

Molten Genesis (Uncommon)

Iron Bear's Cutter (Common

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@WurmHat: Ask for the Witcher. :)

Also should I rename the thread to something so everyone can trade?

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Last Book I read was the Second Space Wolf Omnibus. Just like Vinny (I don't think he's read that book but he reads warhammer books). And what game? Orcs Must Die would be perfect :)

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@sideshow: Sure, add me on steam and hit me up!

EDIT: I'll add you.

That's me for future reference.

DOUBLE EDIT: I added you both, hit me up when ya wanna trade.

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@Ketchupp: Can you post a link to your profile? Can't find you on steam! And TheJohn, do you want any of the other things?

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33% off Valve x2, 10% off Valve, 25% off Valve x2, 50% off Hard Reset, 50% off Greedcorp and 50% off Dow 2: Retribution

If you wanna give me something in return cool! If not, tell me a funny joke I guess!

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I like how the two posts you have are obviously affiliated with your master, robot.

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I wonder if this could see the return of Day 9 to the pro scene. MAYBE MAYYYYYYBE!

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@csl316 said:
" My only concern is that most of the matches will be occurring online, so it won't be like a GSL thing where people sit in booths and there's a big audience.  So you won't be able to see the people getting ready, no close ups on their face, no in person interviews.  That's my understanding of it, at least until they get to the finals. "
As Destiny just said on his stream, it's kinda pointless having every road live, especially when people don't even qualify sometimes, no point making someone fly over from Korea (Jinro HuK) only to have them knocked out first round. Obviously neither of them would lose first round, probably, but just an example.
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@Cataphract1014: That and the question appear to be only slightly bolded so it's hard to even kinda skim, ahh well guess I'll read it word for word :P