Dead Space 2 Closed Beta

I has it.  So far, really enjoying it but will be nice to play with people who understand that this is objective based co-op.  Anyone else get invited?


Brian Crecente VS Helicopter....Confirmed

So apparently when Brian Crecente isn't running Kotaku he is fighting Indian bad guys and taking on everyone's arch enemy, helicopters.  I wonder how much his insurance costs....
I give you, ladies and gentlemen.....Brian Crecente vs helicopter


Bioshock: Infinite

Not sure what to think.  I like the idea, but I find it very perplexing that Levine is going back to the Bioshock brand.  I thought maybe there would be a _____shock game announced...but Bioshock that basically has nothing to do with the others (that we know of for now).  Not disappointed...just confused.  Here's a jump for the trailer:
What do you guys think?  Story wise this could be fun but it's Ken Levine, so it's not like I am worried.


Tranformers Is Good

Not that I am "calling Jeff out" or something, but I couldn't disagree with his review anymore than I do.  I love the game.  And the remark about complaining about the comment about a "spark" means nothing to me as this has NOTHING to do with the movies...its officially a prequel to the G1 cartoon series.  Blah.
Valid opinions on both sides, the but game is good and I don't feel like I am ignoring scathing I do with Red Dead Redemption or any Rockstar game ever made.  Just saying.  


We Need Good Lovecraft Movies!

H. P. Lovecraft is my favorite author, and he has been since I was in 10th grade and I read "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward".  I immediately began to devour all of his works of poetry, novellas, and short stories.  I loved the mythology he had crafted from his own mind, and that of others.  Over the years, I have enjoyed being able to read Lovecraft whenever I want, get random merch, etc, etc....heck, even two decent games (OK, one if you only count  "Dark Corners of the Earth", but I kind of liked the Sherlock Holmes one a tad).  What is one thing that us Lovecraft fans do not have?  Good movies.  
The closest thing we have to good cinema is the work of Del Toro, which really only has hints of Lovecraftian influence.  We did have "In the Mouth of Madness" which was essentially a love letter to Lovecraft, but it was too hokey and well...Wes Craven (sorry Wes, you're stuff has gotten progressively worse since the mid 80s).  There are some “cult classics” like Re-animator, the title very loosely based on Herbert West: Re-animator.   There titles such as Dagon, which are supposed to be from people who “love Lovecraft lore” but they are essentially crap (sorry if you like these movies).  

The Shadow over Innsmouth, At the Mountains of Madness, The Call of Cthulhu, heck…even a lot of the others.   I will go as far as to even say that some of Lumley’s Titus Crow series would be good television or movie material (HBO please, don’t let “SyFy” put their horrible hands on it).  

Just came across my mind, remembering that for years Del Toro has wanted to make “At the Mountains of Madness” into a movie, but I don’t know if he will ever get to it.   Hopefully he will.  

Games?   I finished Alan Wake, still slowly plodding through Red Dead Redemption, still racing in Modnation, and I am impatiently waiting for Transformers.   Maybe I will reinstall Sherlock Holmes on my laptop and play through it on my business trip….


Weekend Gaming & FML

Purchased Doom 2 and the Snoopy Flying game on XBLA.  I think Snoopy is fun, but I have been coming across some lag issues in the gameplay.  Other than that, it's the closest we are going to get to a Crimson Skies experience this generation is looks like.   Doom 2 is OK but it reminds me why shooters aren't made like that anymore.  I went through the new campaign on normal just to get the space marine avatar award.  I was getting pretty pissed, even on that difficulty.  
Also played through the first 3 levels in Rocket Knight.  Pretty fun action platformer, and well worth the money.
Also re bought Crackdown to get the rest of the secret orbs I lacked and I no longer have the save data. Shit. Chances of me restarting the game? Slim to none.  Oh well.


Webinar? Seriously?

Just got out of a meeting where my boss seriously discussed a new project for me...involving....webinars.  Seriously, I was trying not to laugh every time he said the word...


Excited For Gaming...Kind Of

I loved Alan Wake going in, and the story is still keeping me going, but I am now in the last chapter (or episode?) of the game and the game play is really dragging me to be honest.  There are points where I am being forced to fight, opposed to having the option to flee and it is boring/frustrating me.  I enjoy the game, and will probably play through once or twice more, but you can see the flaws in the game mainly in the last leg.
I did buy Doom 2 on XBLA last night, after watching the GB quicklook, and I am loving it.  Hopefully I will have the new campaign finished tonight and have my avatar space marine armor unlocked!  :p
I need to beat Rocket Knight as I bought it and didn't really finish it.
Also, Red Dead is still to be played.  I have done one or two missions in Mexico and then fell off the wagon (har har har)and haven't picked it back up yet.  
Transformers....less than a month....super excited!  Everything about this game looks amazing.  Can't wait. AI is stupid aggressive and should be toned back some.
Yay, vid'ya games!
What have you guys been doing?  Has Red Dead's multiplayer been un-broken yet? 


Modnation Racers

So far, so good.  The load times are the really only drawback that  I can see occurring with this game.  They have already said a patch is on the way to fix the problems.  If you like Kart racers and you want one that isn't for babies...pick this up.


Modnation Racers: Can't Wait

Just got home from work, Modnation Racers (Ps3) in tow.  I can't wait to play this tonight and get to creating and playing some great content.  Does anyone who plays this game reguarly wanna get together for anything?  Send me an invite!  I will be on when I get home from working out around 9:30/10 EST.
Keep Playing, 
PSN: Sammo21
XBL:  Sammo21

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