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Are you running VLC on a second screen or something when you play?

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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes was a huge waste, honestly. Even at $20 that title would cost too much money. I've paid $10, full, for a game and gotten way more value out of it than that piece of crap.

Last year I really regretted COD: Ghosts. I found every single thing about that game to be garbage.

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Battlefield 4 has been really, really, really, really pissing me off since about the end of....February? From the second that Naval Strike has been available the servers have been total garbage and my KDR has went from 1.23 to 1.19. I've thrown my controller once or twice from it. That was when I knew I just needed to stop and step away from the game for a bit and hope DICE/EA gets their crap together.

When I was a kid I would get pretty pissed off about Street Fighter.

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I bought the $20 digital version and will get the other one later.

@turboman Because if theres only the one version on disc then people are more likely to buy that one.

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@nightriff: People buy Battlefield games to play the single player?

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@mosespippy: I was going to say I've seen 0 proof of him going there, so I am glad its not true. I mean, if that's what he wants to do so be it but it sounds like such a bullshit concept. Then again, what do I know.

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I think what matters is what looks more appealing. My gut reaction is that Infinity offers more. I am a big Marvel Comics fan and collector so as soon as Infinity launches with Marvel stuff I am getting all of those.

I wouldn't assume Skylanders gameplay is "more fun". From what I've seen, there is more variety in the game mechanics in Infinity not to mention all the creation tool and playbox stuff.

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Man, people are spoiled by the super quick uploads, lol.

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@cptbedlam: :|

Is this some new video game insider inside joke like Frog Fractions?

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I always found N'Gai Croal becoming a "game's consultant" to be hilarious, especially since he admitted on 1Up Yours that he had not been in gaming for very long and that he really only started playing around, or barely before, the original Xbox. I also remember him saying stupid stuff like if you aren't playing Halo on Legendary then you aren't playing the game...I've never cared for the stuff the dude said and he always came off as someone who was given a pulpit for no real reason at all.

Anyway, I would like to say that I am sad to see Sessler go, but I honestly didn't watch his Rev3 stuff religiously and since I haven't had cable/sattelite in 4-5 years I wasn't watching his G4 stuff before he release either. I know, like others have said, he has said some really, really, really stupid stuff on Twitter that made my eyes roll hard. Maybe he simply decided he would leave before that evil and foreboding video game apacolypse rolls around. You know, the one he and Arthur Gies freaked out over and then chastised people for asking wtf they were talking about (which Shawn Elliot awesomely correct Gies on).

I am sure since he is choosing this path for himself, opposed to it being forced upon him (that we know of), that he has a plan and is safe in whatever he's chosen.

Honestly, at this point, there are a select few people who I even care about in the "games press" any longer. The Duders at Giant Bomb, Jeff Green (who seems to just be in job limbo right now), and...I don't know...Justin McElroy? Polygon has some OK stuff but in terms of specific people I follow I can't say I do follow anyone there. Phillip Kollar maybe but that dude is a little too hipster at times.