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@theacidskull: Then your original comment was unrelated to anything we thought was left vague and not explained well. M'kay.

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@theacidskull: Congratulations on not really reading anything anyone actually typed out. +1

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@ravelle: Actually, that's a great way to describe the episode: "something, something, dinosaur, something, something, robots, something, something, inconsistencies, something, something, Doctor's new wardrobe."

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@ravelle: Am I mistaken in that they never really explained the T-Rex's death? I mean, we know it was old robot aliens who did it, but never why. We assume it was for "Spare parts", but were those parts used on the ship because there damn well weren't any future clockwork robots running around with dinosaur parts.

Very lazy episode imo

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Gonna be honest here...I thought the first episode was kind of lame. Spoilers ahead, I suppose...but if you're here then you shouldn't complain about spoilers...right?

1. Since when did T-Rex's stand like 200-300 ft tall? Typically they are 20-40'ish feet tall...

2. Why does no one in Victorian era London freak out about the fact a lizard lady and a potato man are walking around? Then they completely destroy it by having her in her veil inside because of Clara. I don't even...

3. We get it. You're married. You mentioned it enough. Also, the Torchwood like gratuitous kiss made me laugh.

4. Clearly Missy will end up being The Master.

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I assume this doesn't mean Cleveland, TN? :p

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I had a great time with PT and hope that the tone is indicative of what's to come. Silent Hill is no stranger to first person though as the series first did it in Silent Hill 4 with the apartment sections and the possessions, so maybe they are taking some small inspiration from that? I'd love to see large sections of the game in the same first person style.

The name Silent Hills makes me think they are going to toy with the idea that's been brought up in the past of there being multiple verisons of Silent Hill all existing at the same time in the same place. This would make all the games canon easily and allow for multiple interpretations and themes throughout.

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So they aren't lazy now? I remember when that crappy TNA game was released several years ago, its still better looking than even last year's WWE game...which is sad.

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For me, personally, Halo lost all of its graces with me after 4. That's no longer a franchise I care about and I strongly believe Microsoft will release the MC Collection on PC at some point within a year of its Xbone release. That being said, I find Sony has a stronger lineup with their 1st party exclusives added on top of how amazing PS+ is. Also, I use my Vita a lot for remote play/cross buy/cross save games, and you can't get that anywhere else right now. Also, with me being a PC gamer the Xbone is becoming less interesting as time goes on. I also like the controller on the PS4 better, all my friends are on PS4, and I think Sony has some real weight with their exclusives.

Quarter 1 of 2015 is going to be very expensive, indeed. Bloodbourne, by itself, is enough to justify a PS4 in my eyes.

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@blacklagoon: yeah I was stuck for about 40 minutes earlier. I could get different things to happen but nothing that triggered the cutscene. Definitely about peed myself on the stream earlier.