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Normally no. I do have a small little notebook for that stuff. I took a lot of notes and drawings for Fez, but that was the last one. I sometimes jot things down when I play Elite: Dangerous.

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I found nearly ever COD playerbase to drop off pretty hard...on PC. In terms of the consoles, you could find enough people playing all of them. I did notice significantly less people playing Ghosts and Advanced Warfare on consoles though. No surprise...those are the worst two in recent memory (outside of maybe World At War).

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I'm not sure why it got so much credit for its idea when its nowhere near a new concept.

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I didn't think I would experience anything major when playing through the game again but the emotions were strong. I was lucky enough to have the exact same person on my Journey for 95% of the game.

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@donutfever: haha, wow, that's what happens when you are typing and listening to Say Anything >< The article I was mentioning was about Max Temkin, not Say Anything's Max Bemis.

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Gawker is trash and so are a bunch of its blogs. People defend Kotaku but Totilo has proven he won't do anything to anyone under him who is unethical or outright lies (nothing to do with the hashtag that shall not be named). They need better editors over there, on all those blogs. I do hope they get sued and Hogan gets every dime from them. The only way you can effect company's these day is to hit them at their wallet.

I also fully believe that Hogan's racist recording being released right now is no coincidence.

I mean, the list of crap Gawker (and affiliated sites) has done is ridiculous. I was stunned at the Max Bemis article they did and even more stunned that writers were basically saying, "yeah, he did it because women don't lie about being raped." A slap on the wrist with a piece of string cheese is all Totilo seems to do as reprimand for stuff like that.

@acidbrandon More than likely he'd go to Polygon. Giant Bomb doesn't really allow the (meh) kind of articles he clearly wants to write. Plus, after his disastrous/lying article about Yooka-layle I feel he'd be more at home with Polygon anyway.

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This is awesome!

@tothenines I agree, I can't stand when an interviewer makes themselves the focus of an interview.

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@do_the_manta_ray: Onimusha was, at least in the past, considered survival horror so not so unintentional there :p

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meh, I'll be too busy with other games more than likely.

@joshthestampede 90% of the time it doesn't boil to "one or two games". The WiiU has a pretty solid exclusive library at this point that rivals both the xbone and ps4 combined.

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@hypnotoadbrwowrowrow: ...really? Since day 1 my PS4's share button has been configured the same and not once have I had an issue with it.
1. Double tap for video
2. Single tap for screenshot
3. Hold down for share menu/streaming.