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Recently? Max Payne 3, Dragon's Dogma, Resistance: Burning Skies, GTA IV PC, and a couple of others.

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Most modern feminism is both reactionary and hypocritical.

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@Melon_Fist: sadly in terms of games I think Sony topped Nintendo and Microsoft. Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls topped other first party content.

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@SpanxMcFranks: Arthur Gies always seem to come off as an ass on purpose anytime I listen to Rebel FM. Like he knows he's trolling but he's taking some sort of path of humility while still trolling. When he tried to argue that a game didn't look good because he knew it was using post processing was the point I just laughed him off. Maybe I'm wrong about him.

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I wouldn't say I'm cynical. They are showing me things and wanting me to be impressed and what they are showing me is unimpressive.

Microsoft doesn't give a shit about new IP and barely gives a shit about video games in general.

Sony apparently is already admitting the Vita's defeat as they gave the Move and the eyetoy more time than they did the Vita.

Nintendo was trumped by two other systems doing most of what they are doing with cheaper, existing tech and they also hate new IP.

I came in wanting Sony to wow me with Vita announcements. I wanted Microsoft to get me excited with surprises or new games. I wanted Nintendo to make me care about the WiiU and want to buy it. Sony at least gave me new interesting IPs to look forward to.

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@TheSouthernDandy: to be fair, Dead Space has been more about the horror of the atmosphere, level design, and audio use...even the first Dead Space you could get pretty badass about half way through. I don't think Dead Space was ever horror centric as people give it credit for. There were elements of horror and I am sure they will carry over to three.

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When I think cyberpunk I don't think sexy or good looking. I don't kmow that it is coming "back" really...there haven't been that many new games announced in that genre.

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PS3 has more quality exclusives than other systems right now. Also, they aren't creatively bankrupt like Microsoft and Nintendo seem to be, but they are heading that direction.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: I don't think that Watch Dogs looks THAT good. On a high end PC, sure, but they'll find ways to compress things and make it where it can be played on a PS3/360.

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Personally I think that Sony kicked Microsoft's ass. At least Sony remembers why people actually buy a freaking video game console. I do wish we had more Vita games with actual video (like CoD) but maybe we'll get that from the show floor.